One stop solution from Trinetra for In-cabin driver violation alerts

In recent times, Fleet managers are looking for ways to reduce traffic violations and make drivers responsible for their actions at work. It’s not just about the cost and the hassle but most especially about the safety.

Trinetra’s GPS device integrated with buzzer alerts supports the client as a one-stop solution to indicate the driver instantly on violations and saves time for the fleet managers. This User friendly approach can be utilized by the end users on enabling/disabling from the portal based on the vulnerable zones.

Real-time alerts for speeding, excessive idling, and harsh braking/accelerating help you keep an eye on your drivers. Aside from lower violation costs and discounts in insurance premiums, the benefits of fleet GPS tracking have great impact on the firm’s customer service, employee performance, and total fleet safety, which are all vital factors in managing successful fleet transactions.

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Preventive measures for improved vehicle safety

Running a fleet is a risky business in today’s fast moving environment, safety is what matters the most in every management organization. Fleet owners and business managers can protect their employees and vehicles by opting GPS fleet tracking solutions, using a GPS fleet tracking solution fleet managers can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behaviours such as harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding and sudden cornering this automatically improves the safety of fleet.

Trinetra GPS Vehicle tracking system provides exclusive vehicle management feature which allows companies to minimize the risks associated with vehicles owned by them. Our Vehicle Management feature is not restricted to managing the fleet vehicles, but also includes regular monitoring of vehicle activities, drivers behaviour, vehicle idling and much more. This approach has been made Comfortable to the end users on fixing threshold angle for harsh cornering from the portal based on field severity. Trinetra helps the companies to manage the vehicles under accident prone zones to ensure the good’s on-time reach with good quality.

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Trinetra is made flexible to adapt warehouse monitoring

Effective supply chain/warehouse management is becoming a crucial competitive advantage today; there are automated solutions like GPS tracking system supports to manage inventory activities. Businesses and organizations of all sizes need to control, manage, and track inventory details from anywhere at any time. Inventory management has become more crucial for the success and sustainability for businesses that functions on a global scale and cover multiple locations. Manually tracking, counting inventory and to view stock details is nearly impossible as per the today’s set industry standards.

With our inventory management system business intelligent reports will be triggered to notify the user and schedules can be planned for easy accessing and maintain stock for vehicles. Real time updates on location & alerts of vehicle inside the warehouse had improved by Trinetra’s innovative monitoring solutions. Trinetra adapts to innovative warehouse monitoring apart from vehicles through which the inventory management is easily handled for storage. Inventory management system with comprehensive vehicle tracking system gives the complete peace of mind for the stakeholders.

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Get detailed fleet summary reports with Trinetra

In today’s connected world, competitive advantage solely lies on the end-user experience rather than individual applications. Seamless end-user experience and business process tend to continually expand business network and increase ROI. We at Trinetra work focused on our customer requirements and the long-term success of their businesses. It is with that focus that Trinetra brings you a new advanced reporting feature, where clients can monitor the real time movement of vehicle(s) and generates report for the selected duration.

Our new enhanced Vehicle Details report provide fleet owners/managers the details of Insurance, Warranty, Lease Expired and other detailed vehicle information for one or more vehicles. This new feature will benefit fleet owners/managers in many ways.

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Trinetra enhances application security

If safety and security of fleet data is compromised, then fall out of business can be high. Breaching of secured and confidential data can mean business interruption.

Security measures such as passwords are critical when it comes to preventing the unauthorized access of one’s data. In recent days’ the biggest loop-hole that help find ways to hack one’s data is via weak password. Careless use of passwords, however, can be as bad as leaving one’s computing devices unprotected.

Trinetra fleet tracking system and application was developed with security in mind. Our cloud-based software is included with one of the significant authentication method, password authentication to enhance security. Now, Trinetra is on the whole upgraded with security and user-friendliness to track, locate & monitor, accessed from anywhere. With this key improved password strength validation client’s key data can be made secure.

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Trinetra’ Improved telematics software – Save your strategic data

Trinetra Wireless one of the leading service providers of GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management system has envisioned to provide valuable solutions that caters to all set of industries in real time. Trinetra’s intelligent features are aligned to assign route to every vehicle which aids drivers to proceed with the assigned route plans without any deviation, this help fleet owners by reducing fuel and time consumption.

Our enhanced solution and futuristic vision helps us go far beyond traditional GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, by delivering an array of features that enhances fleet performance and higher ROI that helps in providing faster results, all our existing features has been updated to latest versions of GPS market, these new features help to fetch the data faster and inbuilt enhancement features that are higher when compared to the previous version. This upgradation seamlessly increase performance and deploy higher search options for excellent fleet management.

Recently we have improved our Telematics software to increase potential savings from monitoring driver behavior and encouraging more fuel-efficient driving have been said to be more effective than switching to vehicles with lower fuel consumption. With Trinetra save your strategic data.

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Trinetra Provides Insight and guidance on SMR Analysis

For every business dealing with fleet vehicles, unforeseen vehicle repairs, ongoing maintenance and service issues can disrupt productivity. Fleet Management solution in place help businesses offers a solution in the form of fleet maintenance programs that provide complete insight on company vehicles and can even offer fleet service and maintenance alerts at pre-defined intervals.

Maintaining fleet vehicles and sending vehicles for service in optimal condition will reduce the risks and expenses associated with breakdowns while extending the useful life of vehicles. Trinetra provides     real-time support in managing the recommended and required maintenance schedules for fleet vehicles and a full range of fleet management solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.

SMR analysis from Trinetra will help to reduce service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs. This is one of the key influencers in compiling total cost of ownership and significant barometer for selecting vehicle that has to be sent for service, maintenance/repair.

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Trinetra participates in in FRO-2018, Hyderabad

FRO-2018 is a two-day platform where 50+ business experts from India and abroad will share their experiences, technology Ideas, trends and business opportunities that helps in enriching the business community. FRO National franchise and Trade show help enterprises in Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for starting up, building a sustainable business, and gives New Age Business Ideas to grow.

This two-day event will be packed with perspective building insight, training, coaching and mentoring for businesses during their developmental stage and getting ready to take up growth challenge. The forum will focus on inspiring and educating young start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Trinetra Wireless, one of the globally renowned Fleet Management, Mobility and IOT solution Provider planned to showcase one of its kind vehicle tracking solution in FRO 2018, Hyderabad. This Two-day Event is planned to be taken place in HITEX Exhibition Centre – Hyderabad, from 19th to 20th May 2018, Stall No: C05. We have plans to showcase our product and give demos to our targeted audiences, this helps them know our proven domain expertise in offering highest quality of GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Mobility and IoT Solutions.

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Advanced Fleet fostering with Trinetra

Vehicle telematics and the intuitive user interface will quickly help businesses to understand where your assets are, where they have been and where they are going. You can even alter their schedule live in real time from the transport office. No matter whether you are dealing with procurement, operation, transport planning, service and maintenance or taxes and insurance issues, efficient fleet management solution comprises a number of processes in order to add value to your business in the best possible way.

Trinetra’s telematics system can help fleets foster improvements in driver behavior, specifically in the realm of harsh braking and acceleration, that lower operational costs. Also our vehicle telematics system let you assign your resources where they will be most effective and by understanding how the fleet is being utilized, also it will have the most positive impact to improve the overall performance of your fleet.

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Enhanced emergency and exception notifications

Every year, thousands of vehicles are caught from Non-parking facilities, this is a great concern for Fleet managers and business owners. What if, an automated surveillance fence is formed around your vehicle and alerts you on the instance to prevent your vehicle from towing? A tow alert is significant for businesses as they immediately inform the user that their vehicle is being pulled. This allows drivers/business owners to immediately respond to the situation and avoid impound bill with additional costs, which can lead to save business costs.

Trinetra’s towing alert notification now provides effortless monitoring of unnecessary vehicle lockups. Also our solution comes with exception and emergency notifications to alert businesses and respond without delays saving business cost and Once alerted, drivers will be in a position to retrieve their vehicles quickly and avoid the accumulation of storage charges.

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