How operators can enhance the cab booking experience with Trinetra’s application

The mobile phone has become the biggest medium to engage digital customers and the mobile app is the platform for tangible user experience. Organisations are looking at the mobile app to enhance customer experience and to meet market requirements. The booming cab hiring business also uses mobile applications to gain customer attention and attract more business better. Some have taken to the app-only model to launch their business.

Modern cab booking tech to enhance UX.

The online taxi/cab aggregator needs to be highly intuitive and offer a user friendly layout with all features to enhance the cab/taxi booking experience. With Tranter’s application you can book a cab/taxi in advance, both for official and personal use. It operates with two level approval notifications triggered to both the user and the driver. The app can be enabled with offline features, such as SMS notification. The interface should focus on the user base and ease of use, with a well-defined UX rich user-guide for first time users and for improving customer experience.

The methodology of taxi hailing has changed.

Cab booking services shave grown in popularity steadily over the recent years by offering rides at comparatively lower prices, apart from regular offers. Users of the application, both customer and driver, can use it with greater ease and convenience. It includes checking the status of the driver and his location, the choice of payment method and also provide feedback after the ride is ended.

It has proven to be the right tool for operators, convenience for users and a successful business model. The customer base is based geographically and competition is usually tough. Customers stick to the service provider that offered the most comfortable ride experience, the main reason to come back again. The technology behind the application also provides collaboration with local resources, like hotels and travel agents.

The sync between operators and drivers is crucial in this model as time delay and communication is a critical factor. The contact centre and the software should be capable of handling the peak traffic. To keep up the level of service, the driver behaviour must be pleasant and helpful. The application can help to check on the drivers working remotely and their performance in the long term.

To know more about Trinetra’s fleet management system and the customisation on offer, which also help improve safety and productivity of a vehicle fleet, please contact us for a demo, or visit You can also leave us an enquiry. We’ll get in touch in you.

Know your fleet better with KPI and get better results

Every fleet manager must keep tabs on KPIs effectively to deliver significant savings to the organization as well to bring in real improvements to standards of customer service.  For this ,they must make sure that they have the right fleet management software in place. With Trinetra fleet management software fleet managers can easily identify ways to streamline the business operations, make time & money savings as well as cut emissions.

This where Trinetra’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come in use, to break-up the data into relevant and manageable parts. KPIs may differ slightly according to the fleet size and industry vertical but there are some critical indicators that fleet managers should take into considerations. They help to identify factors in fuel consumption, violations, idling times and predefined distance. The KPIs can be broadly categorized into Efficiency KPIs, Safety KPIs and Compliance KPIs.

Efficiency KPIs focus on certain measurable elements that can save money and time. They include Fuel Economy per Vehicle, Maintenance per Vehicle and Fleet Asset Utilization. When a vehicle is not optimally utilized you can focus on it to better manage schedules to rectify the issue. Fuel economy and maintenance saves money in the long run.

Safety KPIs focus on parameters that affect safety factors that in turn affect efficiency and costs. Safety is also related to bad driving behaviour. The KPIs include Harsh Braking and Acceleration, Speeding and Hard Cornering. These factors also relate to accidents and traffic violations. It also helps in putting preventive measures in place to improve efficiency and safety.

Compliance KPIs are related to Hours of Service (HOS). This helps drivers to follow fixed working hours, scheduled with shifts. Empty kilometers and unassigned kilometers can also be factored in to correct the issues and oversight. The KPIs include Available Working Hours, HOS violation report, Unassigned mileage.

Trinetra Wireless offers a versatile GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), that’s an efficient web-based solution, to constantly maximize fleet performance and Boost ROI. Fleet managers aim to keep operations safe, cost-effective and efficient, by monitoring and managing a number of factors via the FMS system.

Trinetra Wireless’ Fleet Management Solution is customizable, scalable and future ready. More details are available on our website. You may also please contact us or just leave us an enquiry. and we’ll get back to you.

Help reduce fleet accidents by 6% using effective fleet management technology

To improve safety and to economize operations modern fleet management systems adopt telematics and sensors coupled with dedicated software. It has been found that 6% of accidents occur because of the lack of an effective fleet management system.

Most of the accidents of fleet vehicles happen because of improper utilization of vehicles and violations made by drivers. However, trained fleet drivers are generally more attentive on road and follow more safe driving techniques and practices. Nevertheless, they all have to share with the public, and other vehicles, the same roads.

FMS augmented by Telematics.

To overcome the situation, companies advocate the use of technologies like telematics, besides following proper training and procedures. Adopting a good Fleet Management System means incorporating driver scorecards, using telematics for monitoring and ample data collection. Studies have found fleet managers and owners satisfied with the telematics experience that comes with the help of the GPS tracking technology.

Telematics provides a solution and investing in it is beneficial in the long run to control and cut costs of operations. It is a proactive way to address driver behavior, Identify the drivers who break safety norms regularly. Data gathered by the tracking system will give a better understanding of driver behaviour and promotes accountability, to bring down accident rates.

Reducing Accidents with FMS.

As the cost of accidents against the cost of repairs is 36 times, managers have to ensure ways and a strategy to address this. They would also have to implement a safety policy with proper training, to follow best practices to reduce accidents. A driver assessment program on a regular basis helps assess practical skills and driving behaviour via on-road tests by qualified personnel. Health and documents too are looked into. Assessments should be done even after an accident. to determine the driver’s ability and suitability to the job. Driver behaviour has been found to be the main reason why companies invest in telematics.

Vehicle safety is derived from the GPS-enabled fleet tracking system, which monitors variable parameters for vehicle and driver management. This includes –

    • Driver behaviour/activities can be monitored if driver is not responding to phone.
    • The GPS tracking system can help drivers locate their destinations/routes, if necessary, with a digital mapping feature (Google Maps).
    • Reduce risks with the Driver Fatigue & Accident Management feature, averting accidents.
    • Driver Identification system helps to find who is operating the vehicle and the hours logged.
    • Compliance to rules and proper documentation is also recorded via the software.
    • Monitors and records speed information, tracking over-speeding and sending alerts.
    • Sensors can monitor harsh breaking, sudden acceleration, hard cornering and other parameters.
    • The system monitors vehicle service schedules to safeguard utilization and safety.

    To constantly maximize fleet performance and monitor security and safety. Trinetra Wireless offers a versatile GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), with modules, as an efficient web-based solution. Fleet managers/owners aiming to keep operations safe, cost-effective and efficient, by monitoring and managing a number of factors via the FMS can visit  our website. You may also please contact us or just leave us an enquiry. and we’ll get back to you.

To reduce operating costs, forecast annual maintenance of your fleet effectively.

In today’s competitive business world, commercial organizations consider the end-user’s satisfaction as the measure of success and that determines the uniqueness of the organization. In the case of organizations operating in the service industry, such as a fleet operator or transporter, success is again evaluated by customer satisfaction.

This is where Trinetra Wireless plays a key role in keeping up efficiency and productivity of operations of such units belonging to various industry sectors. Trinetra’s Fleet Management System (FMS) caters to organizations in fluid handling, oil and gas industry, transport & logistics industry, disaster management and providers of vehicles to government sectors.

Manage Annual Maintenance costs

The FMS software helps to manage the annual maintenance of the vehicles by monitoring the actual utilization of the vehicles, enabling concerned managers to avoid hidden costs due to recurring maintenance of vehicles. Trinetra’s software offers you a double advantage, as the system is enabled both with GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management. No more manual tracking or paperwork to toil through. The system helps to manage the fleet maintenance and track maintenance history digitally, carrying all vital information updated, such as costs incurred for each service, the total costs incurred for a particular vehicle, comparison of costs incurred between different vehicles in the fleet and many more valuable data, all at a click or tap. All this will help to forecast maintenance costs per annum.

Customise the software to your needs

The FMS allows you to choose a particular vehicle and preferences to schedule a maintenance plan for it. Any number of maintenance schedules can be handled and the vehicles monitored with the module, easily. A variety of relevant reports can be generated for Fleet Maintenance that go to reducing costs and improving efficacy of the fleet. The reports can be scheduled at predetermined or regular intervals. They can be exported in different formats, like PDF, Word, Excel, etc.

The FMS can be automated and also generate messages to mobile phones or for in-cabin driver alerts, like a buzzer, that can be activated by administrator, like in case of excessive speeding or idling, harsh driving, non-compliance, or for any other valid reasons. These factors affect vehicle utilization and related maintenance costs.

Operating costs are adversely affected, as managers have found, by avoidable accidents, traffic violation fines, high fuel consumption and also harsh driving habits that are liable to affect safety and security of moving assets, including passengers and consignments being carried.

Trinetra Wireless offers you Fleet Management Solution that is customizable, scalable and future ready. To know more about a worthy Fleet management, Mobility and IoT Partner, visit our website. You can also leave us an enquiry.

In-Cabin driver alerts reduce violations and fuel cost in fleet management system

Trinetra Wireless offers, through its GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), an efficient, helpful, web-based solution to constantly maximize fleet performance and security. Fleet owners and managers aim to keep operations safe, cost-effective and efficient, by monitoring and managing a number of features in the FMS system.

One of it is driver management, that includes in it driver behviour, vehicle utilisation and safety factors. Cost of operations are affected by traffic violation and fuel costs too. Both of which can be reduced and monitored with the help of an efficient GPS enabled Fleet Management System. Fleet operations that are usually affected by scheduling and route optimization which are helped by alerts and notifications generated by the FMS software.

The GPS Tracking and monitoring software is capable of checking the driver’s behaviour, by monitoring on road vehicle speed, idling time/fuel wastage, harsh braking and acceleration and other factors. All of these elements when supervised, lead to better driver behaviour and better of vehicle utilization.

Operating costs are adversely affected, as administrators have observed, by accidents, traffic violation fines, higher fuel consumption, harsh driving that also are affecting safety and security of moving assets, including passengers and consignments being transported. The fleet management software can be automated and also generate messages to mobile phones. In-cabin driver alert, like a buzzer, can be triggered by administrator in case of excessive speeding or idling, harsh driving, non-compliance or for other valid reasons.

Unique advantages of the GPS enabled FMS:

  • Provides accurate speed information; can generate alerts via text messages or email, if exceeding speed limits set.
  • Give accurate real-time location information and tracking, even if vehicle is stolen.
  • Provides accurate driver behaviour / activity inputs, to be acted upon.
  • Assists drivers in finding the right route and destination with digital mapping.
  • Helps in reducing work related risks and injury by Driver Fatigue & Accident Management.
  • Helps in performance evaluation and incentives for productivity.
  • Helps in vehicle related paperwork, such as driver’s license expiry date.
  • Uses RFID card for driver identification and track punches to record driver utilisation.


Trinetra Wireless Fleet Management Solution is customizable, scalable and future ready. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

Trinetra Fleet Management contributes to reduce the fuel waste & its Impact to the society

Trinetra Wireless offers GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), a helpful solution to fleet operators, for minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment and overall transportation costs. The same software solution in a broader sense helps operator contribute to the good of our society.

The system has many features that help in reducing fuel consumption, idling time and related pollution, plus managing driver behaviour, assisting efficient Route Management and Passenger Safety aspects that all have a hidden role. The Trinetra FMS solution monitor fleets operating efficiency & gives the visibility you need to get more done.

  • As idling consumes more than 4 liters/hour in heavy vehicles & so drivers should see to operational cost effectiveness & see to avoid vehicle loitering.
  • Driving more than necessary wastes fuel, too. unwanted fuel consumption generates CO2 emission unnecessarily.
  • Further, Driver Behaviour Management monitors hard and sudden acceleration, harsh breaking and over speeding all of which not only escalate safety risks but also contributes to higher fuel consumption.
  • Fuel being derived from petroleum, obtained from a non-replenish able resource like crude oil, should be conserved and not wasted for the good of society.
  • Optimized route management helps to reduce the time and distances of travel which correspondingly reduces fuel consumption and costs.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour via the GPS Vehicle Tracking system helps to improve the safety of vehicle and passengers, which is beneficial to society too.
  • This also relates to monitoring road and traffic rules violations that affects road and public safety

Our wireless Fleet Management Solution of today is future ready, sends you alerts whenever drivers are speeding or idling too long. It enables drivers to pull up the fastest direction and do the job fast. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

Trinetra Fleet Management operates with future technology upfront.

Trinetra Wireless offers through its GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), an efficient, helpful web–based solution to fleet operators to comfortably maximize fleet performance and security. Trinetra’s solution help operators to manage vehicles globally with market leading technologies and also adapt a plethora of future technologies, such as the latest platform versions being developed. Early adaptation to technologies, such as, telematics and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) can provide the competitive edge to fleet companies to succeed in the market.

Trinetra’s solution uses telematics to great advantage. Vehicle monitoring has a lot of benefits and more organisations are adapting this system which has many cost and safety advantages. Organisations will sooner or later use this technology to make their day-to-day operations more productive and safer to all involved. Various platforms will be used by different companies to manage vehicles, connectivity, data and augmented with cloud-based services.

Trinetra’s solution will be able to integrate with the existing systems of an organization. The vehicle management platform thus provides secure access to data from anywhere with the software module playing the role of an interface between services, personnel and vehicle. The system can organize and analyse the data which can be put to good use by fleet managers.

With our Trintra OEM system you get an award-winning global platform, built to address the changing needs of global manufacturers of vehicles and we are ready to partner to build smarter vehicles in a fast developing world.

Mobile technology is being increasingly used as a tool for many industries and business sectors. More and more companies are adopting mobile tech, like GPS and apps, to run operations and increase productivity. Unsurprisingly, it is also increasing converging with the fleet management sector. Trineta’ fleet management system is ready to integrate such applications into the system, like providing data on health checks, vehicle performance, mileage, remote measurement and analysis, subsequently leading to predictive diagnostics.

Our wireless Fleet Management Solution of today is future ready. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

Trinetra Wireless is participating in the international trade fair Intersec, at Dubai.

Trinetra Wireless is participating at the international trade fair, Intersec 2019, in Dubai, UAE, from 20th to 22nd January, 2019. The trade show focuses on Security, Safety & Fire Protection and attracts businesses, technologies and innovations under one roof.

Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet management Solution will be on exhibit at Stall No: 2-A23, in Hall No. 1, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, on all three days, during the fair timing – 10:00am to 7:00pm. Trinetra is a globally renowned player in GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution with a presence in 15+ countries.

Intersec has an audience spread across not only the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent but well beyond boundaries into the rest of the world. The show attracts thousands of influential buyers to the venue hosting the latest security & safety solutions, plus new opportunities from the world’s best brands in security.

Trinetra plans to attend Intersec , an excellent platform  to showcase the award winning, eco-friendly product with specialized features at the Intersec exhibition. Visitors and potential customers can find out more about this products industry specific solutions and how it can add value to your business, besides supporting Fleet Managers monitor the safety & security of your resources.

Participating in this trade expo & visiting Trinetra Stall  will help you to make the most out of  the visit in areas including  Fleet Management, Mobility and IoT solutions that helps unleash innovation. Our wireless Fleet Management Solution of today is future ready. More details are available at our website. Contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

Monitoring hidden costs result in controlling budgets for fleet management

The Fleet Manager or fleet owner are on a constant look out to find ways to reduce costs and budgets that adds to factors that lead to a better RoI.

Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps in cost saving, by monitoring crucial factors that are hidden costs, like that of idling duration of a vehicle. Monitoring idling duration is part of the Vehicle Management features, that contribute to efficient management of the fleet. The fleet owner or client can save up to 36% on fuel costs by curbing wastage, through careful real-time monitoring of the vehicles during trips.

The system has instant alerts and notifications capability. So idling alerts can be sent instantly. Additionally, the vehicle monitoring system will reduce aggressive driver behaviour. The system can monitor harsh braking, rapid acceleration, cornering speed and other such important factors. All this go to alter the driving habits and also result, not only in better fuel efficiency, but safety also. The fleet management system can also be supported with a mobile app containing numerous features and updated in real time.

The system can also generate numerous report that can be analysed to reduce costs and improve the end-user experience for concerned fleet owners and transport contractors. To know more about Trinetra’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you can request for a demo, or visit our website, or just leave us an enquiry.

Efficient vehicle summary reports with complete information improves operations

Technological advances have got the world connected by a network of telecommunication channels and wireless connectivity has created a revolution. Trinetra has a comprehensive GPS Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management solution the helps fleet managers / owners to make decisions based on the multiple vehicle reports generated in real time by the system.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management software is capable of generating efficient vehicle summary reports providing complete information to the management to run fleets effectively and efficiently. Real time customizable reports can be critical in profitable running of commercial fleets. Trinetra’s new enhanced vehicle Detail Reports are numerous and is capable of monitoring each vehicle and all of the assets as a whole. The system offers a seamless end-user experience and helps stakeholders to draw out a better RoI.

Get specific reports like- History Reports, Asset Activity Reports, Location Report, Speed Report, Notification Report, Beginning/End of Day Report and many more. The reports can be previewed online, collected via email, exportable in different file formats and also scheduled at variable frequency. Check on information like speed, violations, stops, etc. The fleet management system can also be supported with a mobile app containing numerous features and updated in real time.

If you like to know more about Trinetra’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions, you can request for a demo, or visit our website, or just leave us an enquiry.

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