KPIs for quick decision-making are supported by Fleet Management Software.

vehicle tracking system

Organisations or businesses, especially service providers, use KPIs to evaluate their progress and success at reaching their targets. Some of them are financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and others are for performance tracking ones. They are based on measures and metrics derived by the management or experts. The KPI should help in understanding how well an employee, or business unit or a company is performing over a time span.

As for fleet management, the KPIs are important to gauge the performance or well-being of the service or business. It aims to also improve customer satisfaction or employee morale or other objectives. Vehicle rental businesses use KPIs to boost productivity and full utilization of vehicles. These indicators when integrated with GPS tracking technology can measure a number of parameters. It helps to measure the extent of utilization of a vehicle, the wear & tear occurring on engine, tyre, etc.; helps measuring driver behaviour and engagement; helps calculate idling time, time and distance travelled, speed limits, fuel consumption/efficiency and other factors. These KPIs can lead to predictive analysis, planning and forecast plans.

In the vehicle rental business utilization of vehicles to the maximum is key to boost productivity and profitability, besides contributing to customer satisfaction. When the system is managed via a versatile fleet management software like Trinetra’s FMS solution, which is web-enabled, provides foresight reports and alerts over specified time durations. The remote tracking and monitoring system incorporated can enable calculation of cost of operations, help optimal route planning, enable preventive maintenance or on-time service, scheduling and rescheduling delivery, provide notifications and reminders, manage driver utilization and work hours, enable geo-fencing and much more. The KPIs derived out of these parameters contribute to decision-making by management, cost reduction & savings, to optimal resource utilization and eventually for profitability and scalability of the business or project.

Trinetra is an agile, fast growing software development and services company, at work in the space for integration, IoT, mobility, cloud and data management. Learn more about our products and softwares, with integrated mobile app support, that can customised to meet a client’s business needs. Kindly visit Trinetra Wireless website for more information.

Trinetra launches a new website, T-Sense, specifically for IoT products

IoT Fleet Management

Trinetra is an agile, fast growing software development and services company, working in the space for integration, mobility, cloud and data management. We have now added IoT enabled solutions to our panoply of digital products. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website – Trinetra T-Sense, which aims to serve and create a user-friendly experience for our trustworthy and valued customers and business partners, with the Internet of Things (IoT). We already offer best-in-class web and mobile applications, such as Trinetra’s iWay – field force management solution and Trinetra Wireless, the fleet management solution, which are two proven products that has ween deployment worldwide.

T-Sense provides innovative technology driven products and solutions on a IoT platform that is customizable in both facets of software and hardware, according to the requirements of the project, client or partner. Trinetra which has been in business for more than 8 years, has gained and proven domain expertise. We have an advanced hardware design center in Canada and a world class e bedded engineering and software development centre in India.

With a local presence in over 8 locations worldwide, we have in partnership with channel partners and system integrators to offer quality solutions to stakeholders in various industries and business sectors. We provide service offerings such as – Consulting and solution development, intelligent platforms, connected devices, vertical applications, system integration, along with Quality Assurance, and support services. The solutions offered improve business processes and manufacturing operations with IoT elements and adaptation. Used in complementary with various technologies the aim is to improve efficiency, quality and output in your business or enterprise.

Learn more about Trinetra’s products and software with integrated mobile app support that meet the client’s requirement. Kindly visit Trinetra Wireless website for more information.



Trinetra is now spreading its wings into the telecom sector too.

Fleet Management software for Telecom Industry

Trinetra Wireless works often with multiple large integrators on many use cases and as an agile, fast growing software development and services company in expansion, we have entered into the telecommunications sector. Trinetra is working in the space for integration, mobility, cloud, data management and IoT enabled solutions. We are now focusing on telecommunication with solutions like that of monitoring battery health of installations in remote locations and in crisis management using wireless communication technology.

When buying software usually customers choose to buy only the component that they need for that purpose at that time. Off-the-shelf packages are usually preferred. This approach could be a cheaper or may seem profitable in the beginning, but could be later counterproductive. System integration is what is really needed as it better using most of your own tools and your systems.

The domain specific solution demanded constant remote monitoring of certain parameters in real-time. It needs location-based data for identifying discrepancies and faults in advance or in a crisis. Intelligent data analysis is what is needed for quick decision-making. These pain points are addressed by Trinetra wireless device to fetch the data and Platform enabled solutions in mobile telecommunication sector. We also provide customize solutions for the various needs of clients from different sectors and are deployed both in the domestic and international markets.

As an IT company we already offer best-in-class web and mobile applications, which are Trinetra iWay – field force management solution and Trinetra Wireless — fleet management solution (FMS). These are two proven products that offer better productivity and better security for the assets besides a host of benefits to users. Most of Trinetra’s products can be integrated with a dedicated mobile app that will support the solution.

Trinetra in the business for over 8 years, has gained and proven domain expertise. Our service offerings include – Consulting and solution development, intelligent platforms, connected devices, vertical applications, system integration and support services. Learn more about Trinetra’s industry leading mobile and web-based software by visiting Trinetra Wireless website.

Reduce the operational costs of your fleet with better driver behaviour management.

Driver Behaviour Management

A key feature of fleet management is monitoring driver behaviour. Trinetra has features to monitor and identify driver behaviour of any specific manned vehicle in a fleet, through the GPS enabled fleet management software. The system has multiple alerts and reports to support decision-making via the driver management system. It is possible to educate the driver based on these reports and alerts, to properly utilize the vehicles on-road and ensure safety of both vehicle and driver.

A better understanding of the driver behaviour and how they utilize the vehicles on a day-to-day basis, helps in decision-makers plan for both choosing vehicle and driver training. This leads to better and safer utilization of vehicles, which in turn will positively affect the costs of maintenance. By using Trinetra’s elaborate fleet management solution that includes a deriver management module, any fleet manager can face the challenges that prevent efforts to maximize performance, increase efficiency and the profitability of the fleet business. Managers take steps to minimize risks and reward the good drivers to encourage effective improvement. Trinetra’s software solution integrates a GPS tracking system and route optimization feature and is supported by mobile app option to help the fleet operator to improve efficiency and cut maintenance and fuel costs. Learn more about Trinetra’s products and software with integrated mobile app support as per client’s requirement. A visit to the Trinetra Wireless website will provide more information.

Enhance your fleet operation with the complete fleet management solution

Trinetra Wireless has finished 9 years of its journey and have addressed many requirements of its clientele and enhanced its features for providing better support to every customer. Trinetra has developed products that provide the complete solution i.e. by supplying hardware, software and mobile app integration with end-to-end support.

Customers have benefited greatly by the Trinetra FMS software which addresses maintenance issues, managing fuel costs, automating schedules, tracking moving assets, managing driver behavior and other key factors that affect efficiency and productivity of the business.

Benefits that accrue from an FMS software.

The benefits all add up to improving business efficiency and better ROI. Reports can be automated to ready for reference, analysis and evaluation. Tracking vehicles also add to better safety and compliance to plans. The system improves customer service and satisfaction.

Maintenance scheduling can be automated in the software and maintenance play a role in enhancing fleet productivity. As the fleet logs kilometers, wear and tear sets in and across the entire fleet and if unexpected repairs are not monitored it can add up fast to the costs.

Customizable Fleet Management solutions.

Trinetra offers products that address the need of mobile tracking of workforce and assets, to manage any size of operations. As a specialist in GPS tracking solutions and IoT solutions, the fleet tracking software is the ideal fleet tracking solution that enable fleet managers to connects vehicles assets and the crew effectively.

GPS tech incorporated goes to provide the proper telematics solution and integrated with a mobile application the devices and sensors help gauge idling time, maintenance schedule, trigger notifications and alerts, to improve routing, employee efficiency and monitor safety. Track real-time location of vehicles and geofencing fleet operation if required to improve worker productivity and to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

The web-based software is capable of accessing and assimilate complete fleet data to offer advance reporting to enhance the understanding of fleet managers and owners of their fleets, simultaneously reducing time and costs for them, to enable maximization of vehicle utilization, with full visibility into entire operations.

Trinetra has the GPS installation certification for fleet management solution that is pertinent for transport solutions for the school and education sector. More details on the  Trinetra’s FMS software and the integrated mobile app, which provides many advantages to the user can be read from the Trinetra Wireless website,

Effective preventive actions help fleets to increase customer satisfaction

The better fleet management system (FMS) has a GPS tracking system inbuilt in their solution offerings, to ensure the fleet’s efficient functioning and performance, which results for customers in many benefits in the long run.
Trinetra Wireless’ FMS solution is appropriate as it offers many advantages to its users, besides real-time updates and live monitoring of the fleets in operation. The efficient functioning of the fleet is a prerogative to both the fleet operator in terms of RoI and to customers in terms of prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. The FMS software continuously records data that can be consolidated to generate relevant reports at specified periods.
Comprehensive landmark trip sheet reports provide fleet managers with all vital information.  The consolidation of entry and exit data provided for each vehicle give details of the vehicle and duration of the running between locations. It provides duration for the prime locations with exact time and stop duration underwent at each location, besides optimizing journey routes for each vehicle for better fleet utilization.
Based on this report the resources at manager level can track the vehicle, particularly at high priority locations, and they will be able to take effective preventive actions when needed to control delays in travel and delivery. This is what will contribute to customer satisfaction at the end of the day. Managers with the help of the FMS software and GPS tracking system can schedule and track the vehicles throughout the trip. This will enable the managers concerned to maintain delivery schedules by taking effective preventive actions to control delays when it is identified. The trip sheet is capable of capturing a whole lot of information. It can capture driver details and track driver behaviour which is relevant to safety and passenger transportation.
Trinetra’s fleet management solution has GPS installation certification, which is relevant for transport in school and education sector. To learn more about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated mobile app that offers many advantages, please visit the Trinetra Wireless website. Kindly contact us for a demo which would be useful. Otherwise, you can leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you soon.

Ways to improvise fleet maintenance to improve vehicle performance

The cost of operating a fleet is a major factor that goes to determining profitability of your fleet operation. Obviously fleet maintenance is one of the largest costs experienced by fleet operators and a challenge that needs constant attention and improvisation by managers. Proper maintenance improves the functioning of vehicles and running them on-road as long as possible, without downtime, logically leads to better earnings.

Cost effective and reliable maintenance service with a fleet management software providing instant updates in real time, goes a long way in improving a business and its profitability. This is where Trinetra fleet management system (FMS) comes in, as the best software solution provider to improve your fleet’s efficient functioning and performance. The GPS tracking system, inbuilt in the FMS solution, offers many advantages to its users, besides real-time updates and live monitoring.

Track all data regarding fleet maintenance. All data gathered, including those via the GPS devices, regarding your vehicles should be logged and measured to be used for fleet maintenance effectively. Other metrics regarding fuel consumption, driver assignment and other information can also help the system. Data gathered for all vehicle repairs, preventive maintenance and service schedules will be used effectively by the FMS software. Each vehicle can be identified individually for easy troubleshooting.

Set performance standards for vehicle maintenance. This feature will help improvisation of fleet maintenance for performance for the better implementation of quality control checks via inspection and for maintenance work to meet standards. Set maintenance service schedules and follow up for costs and charges to avoid excess amounts. Track maintenance turnaround time to find discrepancies. Set quality checks and standard for procuring spare parts.

Monitor vehicle inspection. If you track the results of maintenance inspections, it will help technicians to conduct post-trip and pre-trip inspections objectively and at the correct time and quickly. Supervisors can easily help detect flaws, like any oil leaks, or improper installation, or faulty parts.

Set servicing schedules. One of the best improvisations for bettering the fleet maintenance process, is to set standards and checklists for service schedules, with the help of the FMS software. It will allow to set and trigger reminders, based on metrics and time periods. Fleet managers can save time and get better insight into the vehicle condition.

Develop and monitor a checklist. With the help of a software like Trinetra Fleet Management you can develop a checklist for both drivers and technicians to save time and costs in preventive maintenance. At the same time, you can monitor its adherence with the software in real time.

Outsource maintenance process in part or whole. With the help of the fleet management software you can outsource in parts or in whole, the maintenance process, to save you time and costs. Less critical maintenance processes can be outsourced to save the time of inspections and of fleet managers. It will help operators in accessing competitive pricing and discounts. Operators take advantage of new technologies without investing.

Trinetra’s fleet management solution has GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector. To learn more about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated mobile app, plus all the advantages, please visit our website. You may contact us and ask for a demo too. Otherwise just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you as early as possible.

Subscription for parents by Trinetra FMS provides safety for students’ transportation.

Safety of the travelling adults or children is a concern for operators and members of public associated. More so when students are being transported in school buses where both school authorities as well as parents are strongly concerned about.

The Trinetra Fleet Management System provides a solution along with a useful mobile app, to support the management of school bus transportation of students. The mobile application is user friendly and provides the school management and parents of students with real time updates regarding travel in the school bus through a yearly subscription.

The FMS solution increases the user experience of the school by evolving live status of students in the vehicles on-the-go using telematics. With real-time updates available for the students during the travel the safety of child and passengers in the vehicle is assured.

The GPS tracking system enabled in the FMS solution offers other advantages. The information the mobile app enhances the safety of students in the parents’ perspective. Monitoring driver behaviour is a priority of school authorities and helps them keep an eye to deter any mishaps. The tracking system offers a most loved feature – reliable info of arrival and departure of vehicles and the route taken.

The mobile app further enhanced with useful alerts and notification which are automatically triggered and reaches the parent who has subscribed to it. The school bus fleet operator is also benefited by reduced costs of operations and savings in fuel.

Trinetra’s fleet management solution comes with GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector. To find out about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated app, plus all the advantages you gain, just visit our website. Just contact us online and request for a demo. Otherwise simply leave us an enquiry. We’ll get in touch with you as early as possible.

Empower your fleet with FMS to get real results and better ROI.

Realtime Vehicle tracking

If the performance of your fleet of vehicles is compromised, then this can result and affect the bottom line of the company. Transport and fleet services are working in a highly competitive market environment with thin margins. Poor performance will also reflect on the ROI of the business. Therefore, to increase the performance of your fleet, get a modern Fleet Management System (FMS) integrated with your system, such as Trinetra Wireless’ award-winning FMS software.

With this kind of software in place fleet owners and managers will get instant updates on every individual vehicle regarding security and safety and a host of other aspects, via the GPS enabled monitoring system. Your FMS can also be empowered by an integrated mobile app, wherein the Fleet managers and other employees can communicate and update on the various ongoing tasks assigned and the work schedule being followed. Critical aspects of Driver Management also get facilitated which leads to better vehicle utilization.

The fleet tracking system and mobile app was developed with security and fleet maintenance in focus. The cloud-based software includes a number of parameters being constantly monitored as vehicles are tracked and located as they go about on their scheduled tasks. Insights into the vehicle’s maintenance and utilization, or the factors involved in fuel usage, such as idling times, harsh driving and optimally planned routes are all taken care of in Trinetra’s user-friendly automated management system. The system is capable of push notifications and alerts that can be set to be triggered. All of this brings real results to improve efficiency and productivity of assets and personnel.

The system is adaptable to mostly any kind of vehicles, be it from rickshaws, cars, vans, trucks to earth moving mobile machinery. The FMS will also be capable of generating various reports that can be very useful to management to take informed decisions verifying on the real results and insights. The system is easy to install and maintain as well relatively cost effective considering the benefits that accrue progressively over time.

Find more details, on our FMS software and integrated app development, all available on our website. You can please contact us and request for a demo too before signing a contract. Or just leave us an enquiry. and we’ll get in touch with you.

Crafting a safety-first culture for your fleets is important

The factor of safety is not merely a focus on compliance. It is more of developing a safety culture in an organization which may sometimes require a restructuring of the organizational responsibilities and identifying new ways to change employee attitude in the company. In both cases it requires involvement of the executive leadership to put effort in establishing a lasting culture based on safety.

The FMS software can support the management in this effort to establish a safety-first culture. With a fleet management software like that of Trinetra Wireless in place, fleet owners or/and managers will be fed instant updates on every individual vehicle in the fleet, regarding security and safety, besides a host of other inputs, via the GPS enabled monitoring system integrated to it. The fleet tracking system can be supported by a dedicated mobile app which again adds to the safety and security of personnel and the fleets. The system looks at fleet maintenance, which also factors in optimizing vehicle safety and utilization. The tracking and locating of vehicles also contributes to the safety and efficiency of operations.

Driver management is also related to safety, as the cloud-based software, via the GPS monitoring system, can check on ‘harsh’ acceleration, cornering or braking, over speeding and unscheduled stoppages or detour from planned routes or tasks. The feedback from this automated management system and various parameters measured continually can be useful in developing the safety policy for the company or in revamping or upgrading it for trends in vogue. Some of the policies that help is in retaining good drivers to prevent accidents or other disadvantages. Personnel and drivers especially need training or be coached in the safety aspects. Compliance leads to improved road and passenger safety.

Trinetra’s FMS software with telematics tech can give useful insights not only into assets and driver safety but other security aspects including vehicle maintenance and pro-active actions for better management. The app is capable of triggering alerts or useful in generating push notifications or messages for the stakeholders. All this factor in developing the safety-first culture envisaged by the organization that deploys transport or passenger vehicles.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management System will also be capable of generating various reports. This is useful for fleet owners or management to get insights and take informed decisions. The software and related hardware are easy to install and maintain, relatively cost effective and scalable as per requirements. Find out details on our FMS software and app from our website. If interested, please contact us for a demo before signing on a contract. Otherwise simply leave us an enquiry. We’ll contact you in a short time.

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