Inject your business rules engine for better control on your fleet business

Fleet Monitoring

In a dynamic market, running a business involves complicated processes that are also continually evolving. Using a business rules engine strategically maximizes value and minimizes a software’s complexity. Business rules are based on the industry and the nature of the business. Trinetra’s software application is customizable to the business logic and as per the needs of the fleet management system.

Businesses that rely on software as a component of the business itself, get to implement business critical software applications to manage the business or service. To reduce the complexity of the software, companies can use their business rules engine to logically direct the business specific operations, separated from the application code writing.

Business rules is the logic that is based on what the business can and cannot do, because it is necessary to evaluate whether inputs comply with the criteria required by the business. The initial setup is to integrate the rules engine component into the application, like into the fleet management system’s software application that is implemented in your fleet business.

Once completed, the rules authored can be added on without any further coding into the FMS application. It simplifies and automates decision-making using the rule engine in principle to guide it. The app can automate and trigger notifications and alerts and also collect feedback related to mobile data terminal, driver identification, biometric data, RFID, temperature sensing, keypad integration, remote asset monitoring and web services.

The application can also apply the rules engine whenever required to the features in the system, like fleet maintence and service schedules, geo-fencing & geo-zones, Route mapping & optimization, safety & security and critically for Alerts & Notifications. Based on these features, extensive Reports can be generated and Trintera’s Fleet Management Software has an integrated Dashboard interface that can summarize and present fleet data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

As your fleets involve high capital cost and other costs too, a Fleet Management System like that Trinetra Wireless can provide and customize for you, can significantly save Fleet managers and operators a lot of time, money and other costs and expenses.

For a fleet operator who is monitoring assets and driver behaviour with this FMS, it is important to gauge the optimum utilization of vehicles. The performance or well-being of your fleet or the business as a whole can be evaluated with your application in relation to the business rules engine injected into it. For your fleet business requirements, kindly contact us. Otherwise please visit our website for more information.

Evolve up from vehicle tracking to a fleet management system

Fleet management system

There is a difference between ‘vehicle tracking’ and Fleet Management in the sense that although they may be similar sounding, they are very different in the way they work as terms. Vehicle tracking is basically the method of identifying the vehicle location using GPS technology. On the other hand, Field Management involves a holistic approach, comprising a combination of technology and techniques, such as, ‘geofencing’ alerts, tour history, real-time monitoring, exception management, vehicle utilization and insights that help in quick and informed decision making for management.

The Evolution. The simple concept of vehicle tracking first began in the 1990s. This tracking system has now evolved into the versatile Fleet Management System. The advancement in telematics, 2-way communications, satellite mapping and integration into back office systems has opened opportunities, to streamline fleet operations, to manage costs, to boost revenue and productivity.

GPS technology was used widely to track the activities of vehicles with hardware installed with the vehicle. Terminals in the cab were bulky, collected data and paired with software of a PC. The data was stored in a server and retrieved by the fleet managers. Some customers paid to access the satellite generated data. Solutions were expensive and used by only large and wealthy fleet owners or companies.

In today’s marketplace, fleet operation has many vendors and options to consider and numerous features to choose from. With the advancement of the internet in the 2000s vehicle tracking systems got a we interface with browser-based access to data. But the lack of broadband capacity made updates on location maps very slow. However, over the years better satellite capabilities improved GPS performance, leading to better and robust vehicle tracking systems. Two-way communication between drivers and managers also improved and the system now moved beyond locating vehicles to managing driver and vehicles.

Total Fleet management. Today’s tracking solution has evolved into fleet management system (FMS) capitalizing on technological advancements and deployed more efficiently. The FMS can be updated running with minimal IT support and the dedicated software updated to add the most recent features.

Vehicle tracking & positioning is updated in seconds with dispatch always in step with drivers. Advanced telematics and integration of communication systems has now provided fleets ability to enhance driver safety, lower fuel consumption & harmful emissions, improve service & maintenance schedules and customer experience. It has enabled vehicle monitoring and engine analysis, driver behaviour, route mapping and integration with mobile apps.

Fleets involve high capital cost with running and maintenance costs, therefore, a Fleet Management System like that provided and customized by Trinetra Wireless can significantly save time, money & other costs, for a fleet company/operator owning or monitoring assets or driver behaviour. The FMS is important to gauge the utilization of vehicles, performance or well-being of the service or business as a whole. For your fleet business needs kindly contact us or visit our website for more information.

Efficiently manage and expand your large fleets with ease, using Fleet Management solution

GPS enabled FMS

The fleet management solution that can substantially save time and money or other costs for a company/operator running a variety of vehicles by remote monitoring of assets is surely worth the investment. The Key Performance Indicators derived are important to gauge the utilization of vehicles, their performance or well-being, and also that of the company (or operator) running the fleets of vehicles.

Trinetra Fleet Management Solution can handle, using its software, practically hundreds of vehicle all together. The software can provide you useful insights for better utilization of the vehicles. By segregating vehicles based on the requirement, allocating the personnel for it and monitoring vehicles in an organized way, Trinetra will enable you to manage your fleets easily and effectively, improving on your ROI. The fleets need not be homogenous and can be of different types, be it for transporting passengers or for consignments. Trintera’s GPS enabled FMS can further enhance your vehicle monitoring with the help of geo tracking and geo-fencing, as per the requirements of the business or service.

Driver Behaviour & Management. Monitoring the driver behaviour is important for large fleets as the Fleet  Managers can detect fatigue or bad driving habits that could lead to safety issues. Managers can arrange for tutorials or training sessions that help to support preventive measures and increase the awareness for them of the GPS tracking system and other such sensory and telematics system that are capable of recording various activity. Inventory managed too can be tracked with this system, to detect and prevent misuse or theft of the assets.

Fleet Management Platform. The web-based telematics fleet management platform for vehicles on field and on-road is a reliable system and highly customizable to the needs and requirements of clients. The platform has functionalities that enable Fleet Mangers to optimize vehicle utilization and fleet efficiency.

Real-time mapping. The geo-tracking facility can be integrated with maps in real-time for insights based on the country, state or region of operation for a particular vehicle or fleet and on its activity or position.

Idling Time. Idle time management allows managers to monitor vehicles in and state of activity or idling, to enable informative reporting that can be analyzed to improve efficiency and save costs, expenses and waste.

Mobile App. Trinetra also uses industry leading mobile technologies to integrate a mobile app with the fleet management software. The intuitive mobile application helps the drivers and employees on-the-move to coordinate with fleet owners and manager via wireless communication channels or networks. The app works on both iOS and Android mobile phones.

Tracking and analysis. The combination of software and hardware in vehicles delivers better performance, cost efficiency and control to managers. The software’s dashboard is used to visualize data obtained from GPS, real-time tracking, fuel monitoring, route mapping, engine diagnostics and alerts.

Future Expansion. The fleet management solution will enable managers to optimise transport and logistics operations with ease and efficiency which also gives scope for scaling up operations and expansion of the fleets.

Trinetra Wireless, has been working for long in the space for integration, IoT, mobility and data management. It is part of an agile software development and services provider with proven expertise and a large clientele across many countries.

Discover more about our Fleet Management Software and related products, supported with mobile app solutions that are customized as per requirements and your needs. Please log into our website  for more information. Or contact us and we’ll get in touch with you.

Reduce or prevent unauthorised usage of mining vehicles using FMS

Fleet Management System for Mining Industry

Many organisations or businesses, who run or hire vehicles, face the challenge of unauthorized usage or its misuse. This is the same in the case of mining industry too where heavy vehicles like earth-moving vehicles or equipment like excavators are involved usually at remote sites. By adopting a monitoring system, the illegal or unauthorized usage and unsafe behaviour of the operators of such vehicles can be detected and even prevented. The stakeholders can use the insights got via the vehicle monitoring system to stop or educate drivers or operators involved in the issue. KPIs help in understanding over a timeline how well an employee, an asset or business unit or a company is performing.

Heavy vehicles involve high capital cost and also running and maintenance costs. Therefore, a Fleet Management System like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless can substantially save time and money or other costs for a company/operator owning or hiring the vehicles or machinery in question by remotely monitoring assets. As for fleet management, the KPIs are important to gauge the utilization of vehicles, performance or well-being of the service or business.

For the company, the unauthorized use of their vehicles or machinery increases the company’s liabilities. This may reflect in the case of insurance claims that may be raised or the premiums to be calculated. Monitoring of the driver or user of the vehicle, or machinery, is important as behaviour monitoring can detect fatigue or bad habits, or moonlighting, which could lead to safety risks that may prove costly, but otherwise preventable.

Fleet owners or mining company managers must be vigilant about unauthorized use of their assets and implement preventive measures aggressively to effectively discourage such activity. Monitoring the user’s or driver behaviour is important can detect fatigue or bad habits that could lead to safety issues. Tutorials or training sessions should help preventive measures and raise the awareness of GPS vehicle tracking system and other such sensor and devices that are capable of recording activity. Inventory too can be tracked with technology to prevent misuse or theft.

Trinetra is an agile quickly growing software development and services provider, working in the space for integration, IoT, mobility, cloud and data management. Learn more about our Fleet Management System and related products, adept of integration with mobile app that can customized. For your business needs kindly visit our website and for more information contact us.

Door-to-Door Garbage Collecting System made efficient via Trinetra’s software.

Smart waste management

Large cities having dense population face some generic problems of congestion. One major problem faced by populated townships or metropolitan cities, is of garbage collection and disposal. An efficient system is needed to solve this perennial problem and modern technology has lent a helping hand.

GPS technology and connected devices, or sensors, have been deployed to make door-to-door garbage collection service more efficient. The system is controlled by a command centre which also monitors the garbage collecting vehicles’ movement and enable the relevant stakeholders to check whether all the bins are being collected as per schedule.

The sensors can be installed in the collection bins or roll-over containers to monitor the level of waste collected and alert the stakeholders if full or empty. This system can also help in optimization of the routes for collection vehicles when they are making their regular trips across the city.

Trinetra’s software solution also helps to manage the fleet of garbage collection vehicles by scheduling maintenance, managing fuel consumption, also monitor driver behaviour, compliance, and workhours. It can trigger alerts and notifications to stakeholders for work efficiency, develop reports for insight into violations, exceptions and adherence. The system can be supported by an integrated mobile app also. The software thus helps in reducing operating costs and maximizing workforce and asset utilization.

Trinera’s GPS enable Fleet Management Software enables it to address all types of waste management tasks, whether residential, commercial or recycling. The lifts, skips, disposal and extras and many other activities associated, can be recorded with location and time-stamp to help managers improve efficiency and productivity.

To know more about our products and solutions with integrated mobile app support, which can be customized to meet any customer’s operational and managerial requirements. Please visit Trinetra Wireless website for more information.

KPIs for quick decision-making are supported by Fleet Management Software.

vehicle tracking system

Organisations or businesses, especially service providers, use KPIs to evaluate their progress and success at reaching their targets. Some of them are financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and others are for performance tracking ones. They are based on measures and metrics derived by the management or experts. The KPI should help in understanding how well an employee, or business unit or a company is performing over a time span.

As for fleet management, the KPIs are important to gauge the performance or well-being of the service or business. It aims to also improve customer satisfaction or employee morale or other objectives. Vehicle rental businesses use KPIs to boost productivity and full utilization of vehicles. These indicators when integrated with GPS tracking technology can measure a number of parameters. It helps to measure the extent of utilization of a vehicle, the wear & tear occurring on engine, tyre, etc.; helps measuring driver behaviour and engagement; helps calculate idling time, time and distance travelled, speed limits, fuel consumption/efficiency and other factors. These KPIs can lead to predictive analysis, planning and forecast plans.

In the vehicle rental business utilization of vehicles to the maximum is key to boost productivity and profitability, besides contributing to customer satisfaction. When the system is managed via a versatile fleet management software like Trinetra’s FMS solution, which is web-enabled, provides foresight reports and alerts over specified time durations. The remote tracking and monitoring system incorporated can enable calculation of cost of operations, help optimal route planning, enable preventive maintenance or on-time service, scheduling and rescheduling delivery, provide notifications and reminders, manage driver utilization and work hours, enable geo-fencing and much more. The KPIs derived out of these parameters contribute to decision-making by management, cost reduction & savings, to optimal resource utilization and eventually for profitability and scalability of the business or project.

Trinetra is an agile, fast growing software development and services company, at work in the space for integration, IoT, mobility, cloud and data management. Learn more about our products and softwares, with integrated mobile app support, that can customised to meet a client’s business needs. Kindly visit Trinetra Wireless website for more information.

Trinetra launches a new website, T-Sense, specifically for IoT products

IoT Fleet Management

Trinetra is an agile, fast growing software development and services company, working in the space for integration, mobility, cloud and data management. We have now added IoT enabled solutions to our panoply of digital products. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website – Trinetra T-Sense, which aims to serve and create a user-friendly experience for our trustworthy and valued customers and business partners, with the Internet of Things (IoT). We already offer best-in-class web and mobile applications, such as Trinetra’s iWay – field force management solution and Trinetra Wireless, the fleet management solution, which are two proven products that has ween deployment worldwide.

T-Sense provides innovative technology driven products and solutions on a IoT platform that is customizable in both facets of software and hardware, according to the requirements of the project, client or partner. Trinetra which has been in business for more than 8 years, has gained and proven domain expertise. We have an advanced hardware design center in Canada and a world class e bedded engineering and software development centre in India.

With a local presence in over 8 locations worldwide, we have in partnership with channel partners and system integrators to offer quality solutions to stakeholders in various industries and business sectors. We provide service offerings such as – Consulting and solution development, intelligent platforms, connected devices, vertical applications, system integration, along with Quality Assurance, and support services. The solutions offered improve business processes and manufacturing operations with IoT elements and adaptation. Used in complementary with various technologies the aim is to improve efficiency, quality and output in your business or enterprise.

Learn more about Trinetra’s products and software with integrated mobile app support that meet the client’s requirement. Kindly visit Trinetra Wireless website for more information.



Trinetra is now spreading its wings into the telecom sector too.

Fleet Management software for Telecom Industry

Trinetra Wireless works often with multiple large integrators on many use cases and as an agile, fast growing software development and services company in expansion, we have entered into the telecommunications sector. Trinetra is working in the space for integration, mobility, cloud, data management and IoT enabled solutions. We are now focusing on telecommunication with solutions like that of monitoring battery health of installations in remote locations and in crisis management using wireless communication technology.

When buying software usually customers choose to buy only the component that they need for that purpose at that time. Off-the-shelf packages are usually preferred. This approach could be a cheaper or may seem profitable in the beginning, but could be later counterproductive. System integration is what is really needed as it better using most of your own tools and your systems.

The domain specific solution demanded constant remote monitoring of certain parameters in real-time. It needs location-based data for identifying discrepancies and faults in advance or in a crisis. Intelligent data analysis is what is needed for quick decision-making. These pain points are addressed by Trinetra wireless device to fetch the data and Platform enabled solutions in mobile telecommunication sector. We also provide customize solutions for the various needs of clients from different sectors and are deployed both in the domestic and international markets.

As an IT company we already offer best-in-class web and mobile applications, which are Trinetra iWay – field force management solution and Trinetra Wireless — fleet management solution (FMS). These are two proven products that offer better productivity and better security for the assets besides a host of benefits to users. Most of Trinetra’s products can be integrated with a dedicated mobile app that will support the solution.

Trinetra in the business for over 8 years, has gained and proven domain expertise. Our service offerings include – Consulting and solution development, intelligent platforms, connected devices, vertical applications, system integration and support services. Learn more about Trinetra’s industry leading mobile and web-based software by visiting Trinetra Wireless website.

Reduce the operational costs of your fleet with better driver behaviour management.

Driver Behaviour Management

A key feature of fleet management is monitoring driver behaviour. Trinetra has features to monitor and identify driver behaviour of any specific manned vehicle in a fleet, through the GPS enabled fleet management software. The system has multiple alerts and reports to support decision-making via the driver management system. It is possible to educate the driver based on these reports and alerts, to properly utilize the vehicles on-road and ensure safety of both vehicle and driver.

A better understanding of the driver behaviour and how they utilize the vehicles on a day-to-day basis, helps in decision-makers plan for both choosing vehicle and driver training. This leads to better and safer utilization of vehicles, which in turn will positively affect the costs of maintenance. By using Trinetra’s elaborate fleet management solution that includes a deriver management module, any fleet manager can face the challenges that prevent efforts to maximize performance, increase efficiency and the profitability of the fleet business. Managers take steps to minimize risks and reward the good drivers to encourage effective improvement. Trinetra’s software solution integrates a GPS tracking system and route optimization feature and is supported by mobile app option to help the fleet operator to improve efficiency and cut maintenance and fuel costs. Learn more about Trinetra’s products and software with integrated mobile app support as per client’s requirement. A visit to the Trinetra Wireless website will provide more information.

Enhance your fleet operation with the complete fleet management solution

Trinetra Wireless has finished 9 years of its journey and have addressed many requirements of its clientele and enhanced its features for providing better support to every customer. Trinetra has developed products that provide the complete solution i.e. by supplying hardware, software and mobile app integration with end-to-end support.

Customers have benefited greatly by the Trinetra FMS software which addresses maintenance issues, managing fuel costs, automating schedules, tracking moving assets, managing driver behavior and other key factors that affect efficiency and productivity of the business.

Benefits that accrue from an FMS software.

The benefits all add up to improving business efficiency and better ROI. Reports can be automated to ready for reference, analysis and evaluation. Tracking vehicles also add to better safety and compliance to plans. The system improves customer service and satisfaction.

Maintenance scheduling can be automated in the software and maintenance play a role in enhancing fleet productivity. As the fleet logs kilometers, wear and tear sets in and across the entire fleet and if unexpected repairs are not monitored it can add up fast to the costs.

Customizable Fleet Management solutions.

Trinetra offers products that address the need of mobile tracking of workforce and assets, to manage any size of operations. As a specialist in GPS tracking solutions and IoT solutions, the fleet tracking software is the ideal fleet tracking solution that enable fleet managers to connects vehicles assets and the crew effectively.

GPS tech incorporated goes to provide the proper telematics solution and integrated with a mobile application the devices and sensors help gauge idling time, maintenance schedule, trigger notifications and alerts, to improve routing, employee efficiency and monitor safety. Track real-time location of vehicles and geofencing fleet operation if required to improve worker productivity and to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

The web-based software is capable of accessing and assimilate complete fleet data to offer advance reporting to enhance the understanding of fleet managers and owners of their fleets, simultaneously reducing time and costs for them, to enable maximization of vehicle utilization, with full visibility into entire operations.

Trinetra has the GPS installation certification for fleet management solution that is pertinent for transport solutions for the school and education sector. More details on the  Trinetra’s FMS software and the integrated mobile app, which provides many advantages to the user can be read from the Trinetra Wireless website,

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