Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring in transit helped client reduce spoilage claims & avoid product losses

Cold Chain Logistics Monitoring & Transportation

12 June 2022

Food and drug manufacturers need to operate within industry regulatory standards and studies suggests that 20% food gets contaminated due to deficiencies in the supply chain or due to improper storage. Transportation of food, drink & medicine shipment across vast distances might have been difficult if they haven’t adopted the new techniques and technologies that help them achieve ideal temperature-controlled shipping conditions.

We all know what happens to temperature sensitive foods, drinks, medicines while sudden equipment breakdown happens during transport. To overcome the common problems businesses, need to use telematics in fleets that does Protect Your Perishable Goods

  • Monitoring the vehicle location through satellite GPS, movement as well as status in real time.
  • Owning a temperature data logger alleviate incidents of product deterioration due to temperature fluctuations,
  • Gain real-time visibility on to temperature changes, receive automatic alerts sent to command center beyond the acceptable limits.

Cold Chain Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Manager must think of taking prompt actions against the risk of damage in case of vehicle breakdown or accidents. Only by implementing IOT based remote fleet management solution businesses can make informed business decisions. Transporters installing Trinetra’s GPS system solution

  • Gains visibility and traceability of what happens during shipping through sensors, GPS and cellular connectivity.
  • Remains Equips with Two-way communication, Remote temperature setting, alarm setting on temperatures breach
  • Allows fleet managers to take corrective action before products spoil or become non-compliant.

Cold chain logistics needs with respect to temperature compliance are addressed with strict temperature regulation. To eliminate the hassle of reclamations, disputes call us or fill out the enquiry form, we will arrange for a cold chain monitoring consultation, this will assist you find the right temperature monitoring solution for your transit.

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