What challenges do third-party telematics solve for your fleet business?

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14 July 2022

In our present competitive market scenario, the expectations and requirements of fleet owners and managers are changing to focus more on sustainability. Telematics in fleet business is a major factor in operating lean and seamless operations. Telematics uses communication tech to send and receive data or information wirelessly between stakeholders of the system. The system can be achieved by third party telematics devices besides the ones offered by OEMs.

The third-party telematics system or aftermarket telematics system is a solution that is retrofitted by the fleet owner primarily for GPS tracking, driver monitoring, fuel management and many others. There is access to all equipment data such as safety fulfilment, training administration, vehicle movement and others.

Enabling Third-Party Telematics

Unlike a system provided by a local solution provider 3rd party telematics solution providers are ready to make changes to their software, like adding a new functionality reporting or analytics feature to achieve customization and also integrating several types of sensors into the system.

Advantages of the Third-Party Solution

  • Multi-bran fleets face challenges as each brand has a different software (by the OEM) and difficult to bring under one roof to generate relevant data and for analytics.
  • Telematics provided by OEMs face the challenge of providing after-sales support and trained staff. However, after-market providers provide timely service and support to all vehicles and destinations.
  • OEMs cannot provide the specifications, customization and integration that is expected by customers for their vehicles as large fleets have their own priorities and operating procedures.
  • Aftermarket telematics has no preference for any model, make or brand and works the same way for all vehicles to gather the necessary data. It offers optimal user experience across a diverse fleet of vehicles.
  • Third-party solutions are scalable and provide customization to ensure smooth transfer from one brand or model to another.
  • After-market telematics help to minimize cost of ownership and enhance ROI for fleet operators. It reduces expenses in repairs, compliance and others.

The fleet management system from Trinetra’s is a future-ready software solution, customizable for various transportation needs, an internet-based Fleet Management Software with mobile app integration, video telematics, with GPS and Geofencing tech incorporated. It gives insights needed to tackle operational challenges faced by fleet managers, fleet operators & transport companies, to realize their full potential. This vehicle tracking & fleet management system automates many tasks and processes, incorporates future-ready features, helps to streamline workflow and scale up operations. This app is a dependable fleet management solution and we are your technology partner, supporting you in progress and in challenging times.

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