Commercial Vehicle Magazine Features Trinetra’s Award-Winning Telematics Suite

Commercial Vehicle Magazine Features Trinetra’s Award-Winning Telematics Suite

26 Jul 2011

Prominent automotive magazine “Commercial Vehicle” has glowingly featured Trinetra’s award-winning, eco-friendly GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management product in their July 2011 nationwide edition. The same magazine from Next Gen Publishing has recently featured Trinetra Wireless in its April 2011 issue. This time in their ever-popular Mobile Intelligence column, the CV magazine article referred to the Trinetra as “full-fledged telematics solutions” provider.

Titled “Trinetra Brings Strong Telematics Suite to India”, the article highlights Trinetra’s features and unique specialized solutions which make the solutions unique as well as chronicling the industry based solutions portfolio. The article elucidates Trinetra’s success roadmap from fledgling start-up to a leading industry player in fleet management.

Particularly impressive was the fact that the article throws a spotlight on Trinetra’s unprecedented growth in the recent years. A sentence in the article reads, “Since the launch our product has been operating in 14+ countries, including India, Dubai, Singapore, Africa, Canada. We are proud to state that thus far, no product has been recalled. So far, the product has been installed in 1000+ locations worldwide. Much of its success owes to the simplicity of use. The advantage of this software is that since it is cloud computing based, no software installation is needed. The user must only log in to a URL to get started.

The story also shows a glimpse of the future and expansion plans of Trinetra with various innovative measures including “Go Green” concept, helps clients to reduce carbon footprint. Trinetra Wireless is very thrilled to be featured in the July 2011 issue of the Commercial Vehicle magazine for the second consecutive time. We believe that being featured in this industry leading, niche-market magazine is a great way to promote our product and enhance our corporate brand image to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Read the full article here.

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