Ensure Timely Construction Vehicle Maintenance with a Fleet Maintenance System

Construction Equipment Management Software

22 Sep 2022

Studies determine that 35 percent of the workplace incidents are due to unexpected equipment failures, and construction industry is the major sector wherein fatal workplace accidents happen due to improper maintenance. If your fleets comprise of heavy duty construction vehicles, then equipment maintenance is inevitable to fix minor damages before they become a significant issue.

All Fleet owners must stay on top of maintenance to keep your fleet running smoothly, and safely. For this to happen quickly set up an asset maintenance program that will portray signs of imminent failure or deteriorating performance. With this Fleet maintenance software solution maintenance manager can gain insight into following areas critical   to keep operating efficiently.

  • Digital platform that enables you to track critical data from anywhere
  • Monitor and track your service needs automatically to avoid work disruptions
  • Helps you stay compliant & keep overall costs down and fleet reliability up
  • Enhances operator safety & productivity by notifying stakeholders service due in real-time
  • Reduces paying hefty repair costs caused by unexpected breakdowns

Implementing Trinetra Wireless Fleet Maintenance Software construction fleet management companies can centralize critical maintenance data, do automate information updating perform regular maintenance and avoid breakdowns. To preserve your equipment’s health and to get the benefits leave us an enquiry.

With our Fleet maintenance software technology, you can stay on top of construction vehicle & heavy equipment maintenance. To get the most out of your equipment contact us, we can assist you with construction telematics solution.

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