How Trinetra Fleet management system provides an apt solution to Hazardous Goods Transportation Industry

Hazardous Goods Transportation Fleet Management Solution

14 Oct 2022

Hazardous Goods Transportation needs data analysis and GPS tracking. Choose a fleet tracking system to ensure optimal transparency and best reliability in the tracking of hazardous goods or sensitive goods. A fleet management system software that is web-enabled has added value to offer in the digitisation of the supply chain transport and logistics. It is an important tool for improved planning

Fulfilling Regulatory Compliance with Hazardous Goods Tracking

Recently the Indian transport ministry has made it mandatory to location track vehicles loaded with hazardous goods when in transit. A fleet management system, like the one that Trinetra has, offers the real-time vehicle tracking system needed in this regard, at the same time offering safety for the drivers and staff involved in this task. It has mobile app integration to further increase utility and user experience for all stakeholders involved.

Tracking Hazardous Materials & Chemicals

Land transport vehicles can be tracked by GPS in real-time and the system enables other functions, such as the most cost effective route, coordinating booking and loading functions, via the digital platform. You can also align supply chain management and use various data or information obtained from here. Users get better transparency, such as, cost of demurrage can be monitored and controlled. The system can trigger personalised notifications and proactive messages, besides helping to record all information on a common cloud platform. Users get easy access using login credentials at any time with connectivity.

The fleet management system (FMS) from Trinetra Wireless is a future-ready software application serving many transporters and logistics companies. It is customizable for various transportation needs, like chemical logistics and time critical deliveries, plus it can provide real-time monitoring and data analytics to offer insightful reports as required. The customized FMS works as an internet-based Fleet Management software with mobile app integration, video telematics, using GPS tech and Geofencing technology

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