Door-to-Door Garbage Collecting System made efficient via Trinetra’s software.

Smart waste management

23 Jan 2020

Large cities having dense population face some generic problems of congestion. One major problem faced by populated townships or metropolitan cities, is of garbage collection and disposal. An efficient system is needed to solve this perennial problem and modern technology has lent a helping hand.

GPS technology and connected devices, or sensors, have been deployed to make door-to-door garbage collection service more efficient. The system is controlled by a command centre which also monitors the garbage collecting vehicles’ movement and enable the relevant stakeholders to check whether all the bins are being collected as per schedule.

The sensors can be installed in the collection bins or roll-over containers to monitor the level of waste collected and alert the stakeholders if full or empty. This system can also help in optimization of the routes for collection vehicles when they are making their regular trips across the city.

Trinetra’s software solution also helps to manage the fleet of garbage collection vehicles by scheduling maintenance, managing fuel consumption, also monitor driver behaviour, compliance, and workhours. It can trigger alerts and notifications to stakeholders for work efficiency, develop reports for insight into violations, exceptions and adherence. The system can be supported by an integrated mobile app also. The software thus helps in reducing operating costs and maximizing workforce and asset utilization.

Trinera’s GPS enable Fleet Management Software enables it to address all types of waste management tasks, whether residential, commercial or recycling. The lifts, skips, disposal and extras and many other activities associated, can be recorded with location and time-stamp to help managers improve efficiency and productivity.

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