Reduce or prevent unauthorised usage of mining vehicles using FMS

Fleet Management System for Mining Industry

18 Feb 2020

Many organisations or businesses, who run or hire vehicles, face the challenge of unauthorized usage or its misuse. This is the same in the case of mining industry too where heavy vehicles like earth-moving vehicles or equipment like excavators are involved usually at remote sites. By adopting a monitoring system, the illegal or unauthorized usage and unsafe behaviour of the operators of such vehicles can be detected and even prevented. The stakeholders can use the insights got via the vehicle monitoring system to stop or educate drivers or operators involved in the issue. KPIs help in understanding over a timeline how well an employee, an asset or business unit or a company is performing.

Heavy vehicles involve high capital cost and also running and maintenance costs. Therefore, a Fleet Management System like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless can substantially save time and money or other costs for a company/operator owning or hiring the vehicles or machinery in question by remotely monitoring assets. As for fleet management, the KPIs are important to gauge the utilization of vehicles, performance or well-being of the service or business.

For the company, the unauthorized use of their vehicles or machinery increases the company’s liabilities. This may reflect in the case of insurance claims that may be raised or the premiums to be calculated. Monitoring of the driver or user of the vehicle, or machinery, is important as behaviour monitoring can detect fatigue or bad habits, or moonlighting, which could lead to safety risks that may prove costly, but otherwise preventable.

Fleet owners or mining company managers must be vigilant about unauthorized use of their assets and implement preventive measures aggressively to effectively discourage such activity. Monitoring the user’s or driver behaviour is important can detect fatigue or bad habits that could lead to safety issues. Tutorials or training sessions should help preventive measures and raise the awareness of GPS vehicle tracking system and other such sensor and devices that are capable of recording activity. Inventory too can be tracked with technology to prevent misuse or theft.

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