Efficient Fleet Route Optimization with Trinetra wireless

Efficient Fleet Route Optimization With Trinetra Wireless

18 Nov 2015

Efficiently routing fleet vehicles without sacrificing savings or customer service has been made possible today. Route planning and optimization with GPS tracking solution enable fleet owners to discover the least-cost routes based upon available capacity, distance and resources. This ensures customer orders to reach them in the most efficient manner.

Route planning and optimization solutions enable fleet managers to analyze the ways to make use of their resources by providing the most economical routes. With report generation and data viewing option fleet managers can manage and handle a variety of scenarios.

Trinetra wireless well versed industry leader providing GPS fleet tracking solution, offers efficient fleet route optimization to improve operational efficiency through better route scheduling. For every newly assigned task vehicle route planning schedule is regenerated in real time to reallocate fleet vehicles and resources to optimize operating efficiencies, deliver priority service to the customers with most profitable routes. It helps organizations to reduce operating costs, which can minimize total route distances and average miles between stops.

Key highlighting features of Trinetra’s route optimization:
  • Vehicle type (Car or Truck ,etc., ) route optimization
  • Optimization based on route types such as Shortest, Fastest or Random.
  • Conditions for optimization such as same Start and same End or same Start and End waypoints.
  • Calculation of optimized route from actual route and option to revert back to actual route from optimized route.

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