Seamless Integration of Third party applications

Seamless Integration Of Third Party Applications

1 Dec 2015

Trinetra wireless Industry leader in offering Fleet Management Solutions will be the best suite for diverse fleet vehicle management; our advanced and world-class fleet tracking system allows businesses to unlock fleets’ true potential by increasing vehicle productivity, reducing on the road operating costs and improved customer service.

We offer right solution for monitoring, securing and protecting vehicles and high-value assets. Our advanced fleet management, analytics and reporting features enable seamless integration with existing third-party applications, Our vehicle tracking solutions were qualified from the ground up to integrate with other applications, making it one of the most efficient fleet management solutions available.

The Intellectual Property rights of the product belong to Trinetra Wireless. We design and manufacture the hardware, architect and develop the software as well. Hence an extensive level of client specific customization & integrations were now made possible. Hence with Trinetra Third party application integration & support is very much possible and we offer relevant web services.

Trinetra fleet management solution has been efficient in optimizing delivery operations. Our professional services team can help you choose and integrate third-party specialized solutions, from initial assessment on through implementation. To know more in detail reach us @

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