Empowering Connectivity for users of Trinetra

Empowering Connectivity for users of Trinetra

28 Apr 2014

Trinetra with a global track-record of specializing in industry based GPS Vehicle tracking solutions has incorporated a list of features that will empower users to “stay connected” to their vehicles & assets.

Users can login and access the Trinetra web portal for a comprehensive list of feature & reports that provide complete real time visibility on their vehicles & assets. Further to get instant updates users can send messages / commands to the vehicles through the web application using mobile networks / GPRS. Recently Trinetra released a feature by which users can get info about their vehicles over SMS from their registered mobile number, without Laptop or Internet connectivity allowing users to be updated on the location of the vehicles even when there is no / poor GPRS coverage at the vehicle location.

Trinetra’s modular product framework allows users to stay connected to their vehicles & assets using various modes of communication such as the Internet (Trinetra web portal), GPRS & SMS thereby notifying the users / fleet owners when unwanted driving behavior occurs (e.g. speeding, extended idling, entering prohibited areas, etc.) and during other business scenarios.

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