Trinetra Wireless Launches Trinetra iWay – People Tracker

Trinetra Wireless Launches Trinetra iWay – People Tracker

10 May 2013

Trinetra Wireless, a renowned global player in GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management industry is proud to announce the launch of Trinetra iWay – People Tracker a mobile application focusing on GPS Tracking & Mobility Solutions.

Trinetra uses industry leading mobile & web technologies to bring you the highest quality of GPS Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management & Mobility Solution for your business, both for people tracking and vehicle tracking requirements.

At Trinetra, the objective is to continue the aggressive focus on innovating around the GPS Space and provide affordable value added solutions. This innovative combination of mobile app and our award-winning Web-based cloud platform is useful for you to track people, vehicles / fleets easily and provides valuable information such as Location, Speed, Distance travelled & much more. Security and privacy is paramount to us and we have put strict protocols in place to ensure that data and tracking information is only available between devices that have opted-in to be tracked.

Applications for Trinetra mobile app & web platform are wide & varied, including Salesman Tracking, Field Force Tracking, Service Team Tracking, Personal Tracking, Child Safety Tracking, People Tracking, Outsourced Fleet Tracking, Vehicle Tracking & much more.

Soon after the launch of the Trinetra iWay – People Tracker, we are happy with the overwhelmed positive response received. Overall when it comes to making innovative and value added GPS based products & solutions, Trinetra is at the forefront. So why wait? Equip your mobile with Trinetra iWay – People Tracker today and start tracking on the move!

Trinetra iWay – People Tracker is currently available for download from Google Play Store or please contact us at Trinetra Wireless to know more about this exciting mobile application

Want to know more about Trinetra? You can request for a Product Demo here or Get a quote and see how Trinetra could add value to your business.

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