Gain better fleet performance and results using the flexibility of your reports.

Vehicle Monitoring Solution

12 Apr 2019

For managing a fleet of vehicles efficiently and for better results, you need the support of a reliable and flexible FMS software that is capable to churn out reports from the data being accumulated by the system. Important reports generated by the software should have feature rich, east-to-read visualization of the data, with also flexibility in customizing reports.

A report you subscribe and schedule for a pre-defined day or date and time, should reach you automatically into your r inbox in a user-friendly format, ready to be shared or distributed for critical operations or other reasons. Flexibility of developing reports using a FMS software like the one Trinetra provides you offers many real advantages.

  • Reports obtained purposefully help you view in real-time the operational costs. By using the operating cost data of your assets, it helps to optimise financial forecasting for specific vehicles or groups, or your entire working fleet.
  • You can track each and every vehicle and equipment in use. Adjust on the fly to get the best out of your vehicle and equipment quickly.
  • You get useful insights into the usage and maintenance of your assets. Track labour costs, service tasks, parts and items used, with great ease. Calculate maintenance costs of assets, observe time of routine repairs and the cost trends.
  • Reports on fleet fuel trends in aggregation, by location or by vehicle, helps you spot deficiencies, identify potential fuel theft, measure fuel consumption and simplify location based reporting.
  • The reports ensure better compliance and your fleet is safe based on inspections, service records, schedules and by finding defects across your fleet.
  • Track your parts bin usage, at all times, to maintain inventory properly and to know each vehicle’s unique wear and tear characteristics.

Find out more details, on Trinetra’s Fleet Management System software and integrated app. It’s all available on our website. You can please contact us online and request for a demo. Otherwise just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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