Fleets can rely on the flexible, secure and scalable application by Trinetra.

Fleet Monitoring

26 Apr 2019

Fleet managers prefer to have a fleet management system (FMS) that is secure, flexible and scalable to take their business to the next level. So, consider Trinetra’s FMS software for your company. It is capable of managing fleets of all sizes, no matter how big or small the fleet size is, in a real world situation. Another added advantage is that the web-based software application can be adapted to all kinds of customization to meet all kinds of requirement of the customer/clients to meet exactly the business needs in a changing scenario. Trinetra’s software can be integrated with an existing system of your company too and it is scalable as your business expands.

Trinettra’s fleet management solution enables you to manage your entire fleet on one platform that’s packed with the relevant features and also supported by a dedicated app that is also customizable. When all your vehicle data and driver information is hosted in one place, it makes it easier and quicker to access and is visible, enabling fleet managers to measure and improve your fleet efficiency and help profitability by make informed decisions via valuable insights obtained.

The software is like a foundation from which growth can be built upon. Whatever number of vehicles of any size, or purpose, all can be accommodated in one FMS software. It becomes a flexible and scalable tool for management while generating new opportunities and helps in savings. The software easily compiles the data collected to transform it into simplified useful information. The data can evaluate driver behaviour along with fuel wastage and safety, or identify the characteristics of a make and model of vehicle used in the fleet related to an issue. It can be used for benchmarking fleet management reports to compare and find trends.

This scalable software provides your business with high value fleet data that is generated via the GPS enabled tracking system. The software can be easily installed and adapted to start evaluating productivity, compliance, fleet maintenance, utilization and optimization. With the help of the app alerts and notifications can be generated for managers and personnel involved on a real-time basis.

To find out about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated app, plus all the advantages you gain, just visit our website. You may contact us online and request for a demo. Otherwise just leave us an enquiry. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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