How Geofencing in Fleet Management improves productivity

Geofencing in Fleet Management

18 Apr 2023

GPS tech in fleet management has helped various innovations like Geofencing, which has gained a significant position as a powerful tool for streamlining operations and enhancing the productivity of fleets. The location-based application creates virtual boundaries or fences around specific geographical areas, as required by the user, with integration into the fleet management application. By monitoring vehicles in a fleet, in real-time, this application helps fleet operators to reduce fuel cost, labour cost and downtime. On the other hand, fleet management system increases uptime, punctuality, scheduling and productivity. Not only specific areas or perimeters are defined, but optimized route planning help create efficient routes for drivers which ensures cost-effective operations.

Route to Productivity

Fleet managers are helped by the geofencing feature to monitor fleet drivers in real time. They can set up geofences to track driver speed, acceleration or braking patterns as well as compliance with schedules and routes. The software can detect undesirable driver behaviour and improve safety of drivers and vehicles, thereby improving fleet productivity.

Maximise Asset Utilisation and Safety

Geofencing in fleet management enables companies to help prevent theft or misuse of vehicles. Virtual perimeters around specified locations like warehouse, work sites or customer place help to monitor entry to or exit from these geo zones. This helps fleet managers to track vehicles and ensure they are being utilized as intended and not misused. In case of theft, geofencing enables quick recovery efforts and vehicle is back on road for productive use. The application also helps drivers to be more compliant and overall it helps improve safety.

Automate Tasks

Geofencing helps in automating tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. Based on location it triggers reminders and notifications which can be sent for maintenance schedules, inspections, driver check-ins, etc. Automation streamlines routine tasks and minimizes manual intervention and administration.

Better Customer Service

Geofencing helps to monitor vehicle movement and location which helps businesses to provide timely and efficient services to increase customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more loyal and likely to recommend to others. This helps business in growth and better productivity.

Undoubtedly Geofencing has become a potential and powerful tool to optimise fleet management systems and increase productivity. It provides real-time visibility with automation for fleet managers and better control to improve performance and productivity

Trinetra Wireless’ fleet management system (FMS) is such a kind of scalable software that offers Geofencing and optimisation features. It is future-ready, customizable and already serves many industries and companies in logistics, supply chain operations and last-mile deliveries. This real-time fleet monitoring system provides mobile app integration and video telematics, with support of GPS tech to the benefit of fleet managers and operators.

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