Ways to maximize operating efficiency & control expenses with an fleet management app

Fleet Management App

22 Mar 2023

If you are in the business of managing and operating a mobile fleet, a web-based fleet management system can secure your entire portfolio of vehicles and equipment for you to take your business to the next level of efficiency & productivity.

This fleet tracking software provides you with real-time visibility, useful features and functionalities to monitor and control most aspects of your fleet operations. Utilise your assets optimally and find opportunities to reduce costs with the software. It is proficient in collecting and interpreting data being generated daily from sensors and devices, to help analyse each process of your fleet management business. With built-in telematics the software gives you better control over the fleet’s performance, enhances efficiency and reduces risks. Here are some of the best practices that will reduce fleet costs and boost operational efficiency.

Minimize your fuel consumption

Just by monitoring and managing the speed of vehicles can stop the increase of fuel consumption by 10%. Real-time reports generated by the software help in many ways. The app can trigger alerts in case any of unauthorised purchases of fuel.

Routine Maintenance to extend the life of vehicles

Costly repairs, breakdowns and downtime can be avoided with routine maintenance schedules. Preventive Maintenance modules not only monitor health and many parameters but extends the life of vehicles in the long term. Automated alerts and notifications can be set for each vehicle in a mixed fleet for enterprises.

Accountability and productivity for your personnel

The fleet monitoring software also acts as a mobile time clock for your drivers, as a mobile inspection and employee accountability too. It can report accurate work hours and determine productivity per vehicle per route with uptime data.

Ensure safe operations of your fleet

Costs and Risks associated with operating vehicles are reduced with the technology behind the fleet tracking software. The GPS-enabled application alerts you instantly when the vehicle exceeds speed limits or for any other discrepancy. Thus your repair, fuel and wear & tear costs can be controlled, besides getting insurance benefits.

Automate Workflows

The versatile fleet management tool puts your operations on a paperless system. The analytics and digital workflow would help you in optimising performance, improve time management, reduces the risk of human errors and enhance communication.

Better control, integration and compliance.

The fleet management software is a tool that can be easily customised o your specific needs and save you costs. With mobile app integration, inspections and reports can be done on the field. Data entry and supporting documents can be added and easily uploaded over wireless networks.

The fleet management software connects directly with the apps, system and personnel. Fleet managers with access can report defects, lapses, or non-compliance and also stay on top of regulatory requirements. Easily keep driver information updated and available on the web-based application.

Trinetra Wireless’ fleet management system (FMS) is such a kind of software that is future-ready, customizable for various needs, and already serving many industries and companies in logistics, supply chains and last-mile deliveries. This real-time monitoring system offers mobile app integration and video telematics, supporting GPS and Geofencing technologies to the benefit of fleet managers and operators.

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