Help reduce fleet accidents by 6% using effective fleet management technology

13 Mar 2019

To improve safety and to economize operations modern fleet management systems adopt telematics and sensors coupled with dedicated software. It has been found that 6% of accidents occur because of the lack of an effective fleet management system.

Most of the accidents of fleet vehicles happen because of improper utilization of vehicles and violations made by drivers. However, trained fleet drivers are generally more attentive on road and follow more safe driving techniques and practices. Nevertheless, they all have to share with the public, and other vehicles, the same roads.

FMS augmented by Telematics.

To overcome the situation, companies advocate the use of technologies like telematics, besides following proper training and procedures. Adopting a good Fleet Management System means incorporating driver scorecards, using telematics for monitoring and ample data collection. Studies have found fleet managers and owners satisfied with the telematics experience that comes with the help of the GPS tracking technology.

Telematics provides a solution and investing in it is beneficial in the long run to control and cut costs of operations. It is a proactive way to address driver behavior, Identify the drivers who break safety norms regularly. Data gathered by the tracking system will give a better understanding of driver behaviour and promotes accountability, to bring down accident rates.

Reducing Accidents with FMS.

As the cost of accidents against the cost of repairs is 36 times, managers have to ensure ways and a strategy to address this. They would also have to implement a safety policy with proper training, to follow best practices to reduce accidents. A driver assessment program on a regular basis helps assess practical skills and driving behaviour via on-road tests by qualified personnel. Health and documents too are looked into. Assessments should be done even after an accident. to determine the driver’s ability and suitability to the job. Driver behaviour has been found to be the main reason why companies invest in telematics.

Vehicle safety is derived from the GPS-enabled fleet tracking system, which monitors variable parameters for vehicle and driver management. This includes –

    • Driver behaviour/activities can be monitored if driver is not responding to phone.
    • The GPS tracking system can help drivers locate their destinations/routes, if necessary, with a digital mapping feature (Google Maps).
    • Reduce risks with the Driver Fatigue & Accident Management feature, averting accidents.
    • Driver Identification system helps to find who is operating the vehicle and the hours logged.
    • Compliance to rules and proper documentation is also recorded via the software.
    • Monitors and records speed information, tracking over-speeding and sending alerts.
    • Sensors can monitor harsh breaking, sudden acceleration, hard cornering and other parameters.
    • The system monitors vehicle service schedules to safeguard utilization and safety.

    To constantly maximize fleet performance and monitor security and safety. Trinetra Wireless offers a versatile GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), with modules, as an efficient web-based solution. Fleet managers/owners aiming to keep operations safe, cost-effective and efficient, by monitoring and managing a number of factors via the FMS can visit  our website. You may also please contact us or just leave us an enquiry. and we’ll get back to you.

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