To reduce operating costs, forecast annual maintenance of your fleet effectively.

27 Feb 2019

In today’s competitive business world, commercial organizations consider the end-user’s satisfaction as the measure of success and that determines the uniqueness of the organization. In the case of organizations operating in the service industry, such as a fleet operator or transporter, success is again evaluated by customer satisfaction.

This is where Trinetra Wireless plays a key role in keeping up efficiency and productivity of operations of such units belonging to various industry sectors. Trinetra’s Fleet Management System (FMS) caters to organizations in fluid handling, oil and gas industry, transport & logistics industry, disaster management and providers of vehicles to government sectors.

Manage Annual Maintenance costs

The FMS software helps to manage the annual maintenance of the vehicles by monitoring the actual utilization of the vehicles, enabling concerned managers to avoid hidden costs due to recurring maintenance of vehicles. Trinetra’s software offers you a double advantage, as the system is enabled both with GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management. No more manual tracking or paperwork to toil through. The system helps to manage the fleet maintenance and track maintenance history digitally, carrying all vital information updated, such as costs incurred for each service, the total costs incurred for a particular vehicle, comparison of costs incurred between different vehicles in the fleet and many more valuable data, all at a click or tap. All this will help to forecast maintenance costs per annum.

Customise the software to your needs

The FMS allows you to choose a particular vehicle and preferences to schedule a maintenance plan for it. Any number of maintenance schedules can be handled and the vehicles monitored with the module, easily. A variety of relevant reports can be generated for Fleet Maintenance that go to reducing costs and improving efficacy of the fleet. The reports can be scheduled at predetermined or regular intervals. They can be exported in different formats, like PDF, Word, Excel, etc.

The FMS can be automated and also generate messages to mobile phones or for in-cabin driver alerts, like a buzzer, that can be activated by administrator, like in case of excessive speeding or idling, harsh driving, non-compliance, or for any other valid reasons. These factors affect vehicle utilization and related maintenance costs.

Operating costs are adversely affected, as managers have found, by avoidable accidents, traffic violation fines, high fuel consumption and also harsh driving habits that are liable to affect safety and security of moving assets, including passengers and consignments being carried.

Trinetra Wireless offers you Fleet Management Solution that is customizable, scalable and future ready. To know more about a worthy Fleet management, Mobility and IoT Partner, visit our website. You can also leave us an enquiry.

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