Import option for School Management System

Trinetra Launched Bulk Import Option For School Management System

27 Jan 2015

School transport managements are under pressure to not only provide a safe, reliable service to school children and their parents, but also to track all buses in real-time, so parents can be notified of the actual arrival time of the buses . Alerts can also be set up so that fleet managers receive a message the instant buses enter a no-go zone, or drivers engage in unsafe driving.

To keep the parents engaged with the notification of their children school bus, school management system should have all the required data like student name, address, parents name, phone numbers and contact information. If all these information are available then the school transport management system can perform these tasks accordingly in a full fledged manner. With GPS vehicle tracking solutions all these will be possible to import the details; exact location tracking etc., Importing student details one by one in GPS system will not be possible and practical.

To perform these tasks with ease, Trinetra wireless a leading provider of GPS tracking and fleet management solution to schools has enhanced it’s position in the educational industry segment with this new feature for bulk data importing option .With this feature numerous data with respect to school student details can be imported to GPS system. This will be less time consumption, cost effective and reduces manual intervention. Notably, this feature for school transport management mainly specializes in taking care of children, so safety will be highly emphasized for them with all accurate information.

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