Trinetra releases an insightful RFID Activity report to track driver activities

Trinetra Releases An Insightful RFID Activity Report To Track Driver Activities

30 Dec 2014

Trinetra wireless smart GPS tracking and fleet management service provider, offers solution which are incredibly flexible, scalable and powerful. It fits with your needs and adapts as your needs change. Our solution provides a simple way to get real-time information about a vehicle’s location, speed, risk-profile and schedule.Key factor for our success is our modular strategy, which makes our fleet solutions outstanding. We have Just added some new features to integrate web-based solutions quickly and easily as your needs grow.

In recent years RFID systems have gained a vast recognition these will be mainly used by fleet managers to identify the designated driver of a particular vehicle. We at Trinetra now released an insightful RFID Activity report to track driver activities; Drivers are the reliable resource in every fleet management, Monitoring driver’s activity, mainly their (Log in & out) times will not be practical. In this circumstance our latest RFID Activity report will be the matchless solutionto monitor driver activities; this system sends all intelligent report by tracking driver’s behavior.

Our solution offers RFID feature to monitor and better control driver related activities. The capability to integrate various RFID technologies offers a high level of flexibility, user convenience and makes Trinetra a truly unique solution.

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