Inject your business rules engine for better control on your fleet business

Fleet Monitoring

16 Mar 2020

In a dynamic market, running a business involves complicated processes that are also continually evolving. Using a business rules engine strategically maximizes value and minimizes a software’s complexity. Business rules are based on the industry and the nature of the business. Trinetra’s software application is customizable to the business logic and as per the needs of the fleet management system.

Businesses that rely on software as a component of the business itself, get to implement business critical software applications to manage the business or service. To reduce the complexity of the software, companies can use their business rules engine to logically direct the business specific operations, separated from the application code writing.

Business rules is the logic that is based on what the business can and cannot do, because it is necessary to evaluate whether inputs comply with the criteria required by the business. The initial setup is to integrate the rules engine component into the application, like into the fleet management system’s software application that is implemented in your fleet business.

Once completed, the rules authored can be added on without any further coding into the FMS application. It simplifies and automates decision-making using the rule engine in principle to guide it. The app can automate and trigger notifications and alerts and also collect feedback related to mobile data terminal, driver identification, biometric data, RFID, temperature sensing, keypad integration, remote asset monitoring and web services.

The application can also apply the rules engine whenever required to the features in the system, like fleet maintence and service schedules, geo-fencing & geo-zones, Route mapping & optimization, safety & security and critically for Alerts & Notifications. Based on these features, extensive Reports can be generated and Trintera’s Fleet Management Software has an integrated Dashboard interface that can summarize and present fleet data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

As your fleets involve high capital cost and other costs too, a Fleet Management System like that Trinetra Wireless can provide and customize for you, can significantly save Fleet managers and operators a lot of time, money and other costs and expenses.

For a fleet operator who is monitoring assets and driver behaviour with this FMS, it is important to gauge the optimum utilization of vehicles. The performance or well-being of your fleet or the business as a whole can be evaluated with your application in relation to the business rules engine injected into it. For your fleet business requirements, kindly contact us. Otherwise please visit our website for more information.

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