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15 Apr 2020

Although there exists a plethora of best practices for the fleet professionals to refer, with specific tools for implementation, they must find what will help them take complete control of their fleet and equipment to improve efficiencies in fleet operations.

All the operations need to be monitored to increase efficiency by tracking in real-time vehicle location & routes, by obtaining data on various parameters, getting vital insights on how the fleet & equipment are performing.

Therefore, fleet owners and professionals tend to adopt a modern fleet management system, like that offered by Trinetra Wireless. It works to streamline operations and all maintenance procedures, to boost efficiency and productivity of the fleet.

Fuel cost & management

Fuel is the highest recurring spend for any fleet operator. With the help of a GPS enabled FMS managers can check on fuel efficiency of vehicles by considering time & distance travel, idling time , driving behavior, payload details and other related factors like traffic or terrain.

Maintenance & Replacement

Scheduling an effective maintenance program is crucial to vehicle uptime and productivity of the fleet. It helps in procurement of spares and replacement parts in right time. It also helps in phasing out vehicles in the life cycle and to maintain an optimized and productive portfolio of vehicles matching to the operational requirements.

Data Management

Fleet professionals have to handle a huge cache of data obtained from various and even associated systems.  The FMS software can handle and automate many aspects of management, plus filter out insightful reports. Data analytics will help to find anomalies and also rectify them effectively.

The software solution will help cut costs and wastage plus eventually improve ROI. The FMS solution contributes in developing better driver behavior, accountability and improving fleet policy & best practices.

Telematics & Apps

Telematics has evolved from just a vehicle tracking system. With  advancement in telematics, advanced  2-way communications, GPS, satellite mapping and integration to back office systems, software applications have empowered greater visibility into the system and helped develop schedules and dispatch in real-time. With the integration of mobile applications, fleet managers have better prospects to streamline fleet operations, to manage costs, to rake up revenue and productivity. They can cater to better customer relations and satisfaction.

Fleet operations involve high capital, running and maintenance costs. A Fleet Management System like the one provided and customized by Trinetra would significantly save time, money & other costs, for a fleet company/operator and for the transport business as a whole. For your fleet business needs kindly contact us or visit our website for more information.

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