Trinetra’s Wireless Sensors for Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring prevents Cargo spoilage during transit

Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring System

18 Aug 2022

Transit of goods such as frozen foods, pharmaceuticals requires strict temperature conditions. Traditional logistics monitoring involves manual temperature recording and this is insufficient to meet up today’s requirements of the logistics industry. By integrating vehicles and sensing devices, Trinetra helps transporters to get GPS Position & temperature transmits frequently. Effective online tracking of the temperature & Immediate alert notifications to fleet manager (on PC screen, tablet, and smartphone) when the temperature is out of range helps you to prevent product spoilage and rejected deliveries.

Wireless temperature sensors are used by transporters to offer clients the assurance that their goods will be transported in the recommended way.  This real time temperature monitoring solutions from Trinetra will record real temperature data of a cargo storage unit and alert exceeding temperatures or any undesirable condition. This in fact helps you to provide temperature data in Proof of Delivery (POD) documents, and thereby improve customer service and protect your business bottom line.

Advantages of Installing Wireless sensors to refrigerated transport

  • Eliminates temperature-related spoilage costs
  • Increases Visibility & Operational efficiency
  • Prevents product spoilage and rejected deliveries
  • Optimize asset utilization and performance

To take control on temperature fluctuations and to meet with regulatory compliance transportation companies harness the power of wireless sensor network. With integration of wireless sensors transport providers can submit a record of storage conditions during transit.

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