Save up to 36% of fuel wastage with Trinetra’s idling alerts

Save Up To 36% Of Fuel Wastage With Trinetra’s Idling Alerts

24 May 2017

A recent Statistics say: Two minutes of idling uses the same amount of gas as 1 mile of driving – according to the Consumer Energy Centre, so it has become significant for every business to save fuel, especially fleet management industries.

Most of the fleet owners rely on Vehicle Tracking System to track the idling time of their vehicle. To monitor the idle time, Vehicle Tracking Device can be fixed in vehicle’s dashboard without disturbing the elegance of the vehicle’s interior. If suppose the driver has put the vehicle idle for a long time, an alert will be triggered to the fleet / vehicle owner to notify the excessive idle time of vehicle, so that he can immediately take necessary action.

Fleet Management System should be used in every vehicle to overcome the fuel wastage problems. Engine idling time is directly proportional to various other factors in accordance with fuel consumption such as unauthorized trips, violations like – high speed, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and frequent short trips – Engine on / off time can be monitored to increase the efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

Trinetra, GPS Vehicle Tracking System has special features to track and tell you for how long your vehicle was idle. With help of Trinetra, fleet / vehicle owners can handle vehicle idle time in such a way and increase the operational performance of their vehicle.

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