Trinetra ensures the ROI for Tyres

Trinetra Ensures The ROI For Tyres

22 May 2017

Besides every part in the vehicle, tyre undergoes a lot of wear and tear and it is also considered as one of the most expensive spares. The Tyre Management feature help fleet owners to understand the importance of managing tyres, when used in combination with GPS vehicle tracking solution, it provides an accurate data about the distance travelled by each tyre, remaining life time in each tyre etc.,

When considering the expenses related to vehicle maintenance, tyres usually count around 20% of the total costs; it will even increase without having a proper tyre management program in place which is essential to run a fleet efficiently.

Trinetra Fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions help business owners for making smarter decisions on Tyre management and mainly focus at replacing the manual work involved in Tyre maintenance and automating. The use of Trinetra when coupled with proper management practices can significantly cut Tyre costs, decrease vehicle downtime, reduce pollution, saves time and increase vehicle & driver safety, all from a single effort – professional Tyre management, Now Trinetra ensures the ROI for Tyres, where the Tyre Management feature keeps the stake holders updated regarding the wear and tear of the Tyres.

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