Smart Customer Location Tracker

Smart Customer Location Tracker

24 Apr 2017

When it comes to improving productivity, efficiency and reducing the overall costs involved with a company’s fleet management, it is significant to have Vehicle Management Software in place. Trinetra’s vehicle management solution contributes and forms a firm basis of effective Vehicle Management and has excellent records in fleet maintenance, driver management, geozone, route optimization, enhanced security etc.,

To add more value to the above Trinetra’s Vehicle management has now became more flexible and find its place for diverse vehicle tracking needs, Trinetra Wireless one of the leading service provider in the GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solution, with Trinetra route scheduling can be done using a string of landmarks also drivers can know the distance and duration taken between the landmarks of the route. This feature helps to make alterations in routes while creating them, based on the total distance and the time taken to reach destination. Recently a new feature has been added to its existing Landmark module by adding show landmark option for the users to view the landmarks which are already created, with a single click.

Get started with planning your service or delivery routes with Trinetra wireless and gain benefits from our features, interested to know more leave us an enquiry.

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