Keep Food safer with Trinetra Temperature monitoring system

Keep Food Safer With Trinetra Temperature Monitoring System

24 Apr 2017

Business owners and fleet managers of food, beverage distribution and logistics companies are aware of the need to oversee employees, food delivery vehicles and geozone entries. So it has become a necessary for businesses to track their vehicles on daily basis.

The food and beverage industry is one greatly influenced by on time deliveries and proper temperature monitoring to avoid spoiling perishable goods. GPS Fleet Tracking System with Temperature Monitoring feature helps maximize delivery efficiency, minimize driving times and keep an eye on food, where the intelligent system is programmed with alerting features if the temperature exceeds the threshold.

Effective utilization of time and resource has now become crucial for many organizations, mainly for mobile delivery sectors like transportation and logistics; food and beverage etc., In case of Transportation and logistics industry timely delivery and safety of goods is the major pain point to be taken care, but for Food and beverages???

Preserved or canned food and beverages will get spoilt unless it has been maintained with perfect temperature till it reaches the customer place. Today many people across the world are interested to have fresh and hot foods that too to be served in their doorstep; not only cooked foods even fruits and vegetables. Without proper temperature maintenance seller may fail to retain customers.

Recently Trinetra has improved its solution offerings to ensure safety and freshness of perishable products where client can save up to 4-15% of food wastage due to temperature changes during transportation.

Think twice, it’s the time to decide preserve, save food before they get spoilt. Need any assistance for your cold storage vehicle, feel free to reach us @

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