Trinetra announces Specialized Solutions Suite for GPS Vehicle Tracking & FMS

Trinetra announces Specialized Solutions Suite for GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions

10 Sep 2010

Trinetra Wireless, an industry leader in fleet management technology, today announced its  Specialized Solution Suite for GPS vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solutions, that helps businesses gain fleet efficiencies, save fuel, improve performance, and lets vehicle / fleet owners and drivers be significantly more productive. Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions goes far beyond traditional GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, delivering an array of premium features utilizing today’s most advanced technologies such as Mobile Data Terminal, Driver Identification, Biometric & RFID, Temperature Sensing, Remote Asset Monitoring, Keypad Integration and Web Services to help clients across diversified industry verticals increase productivity and reduce operational costs. As a result, Trinetra uniquely gives vehicle / fleet owners clear vision and focus for tracking high-value mobile assets and managing operations, in a cost-effective way specifically designed for small to large fleets.

With the release of Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions Suite, companies with small to large size fleets needing to focus on tracking mobile assets, now have access to a solution offering a comprehensive feature set aimed specifically at their operations and business requirements.  Further, as a result of our technology leadership and success of Trinetra’s award-winning Fleet Management System, we uniquely offer the most specialized GPS solutions at industry leading market prices.

If you’re interested to know more about Trinetra’s Specialized Solutions Suite, please visit our Specialized Solutions page and see how Trinetra could add momentum by leveraging your business with substantial cost savings.

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