Trinetra Co-sponsors a Conference on RFID organized by CII

Trinetra Co-sponsors a Conference on RFID organized by CII

10 Oct 2010

Trinetra, one of the leading frontiers in the GPS vehicle tracking industry, co-sponsored the Conference on RFID organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held during last October 09, 2010, at Hotel Le Royale Meridien, Guindy, Chennai. The conference featured live demonstrations and a wide variety of technical sessions to attendees, especially on how all types of AUTO-ID Barcodes, 2D, 3D, Sensors, Smart Cards and RFID Technologies including Active Wi-Fi, Passive UHF, Passive HF and more can be used to improve operations in warehouses, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, hospitals, financial institutions and logistics.

Trinetra Wireless co-sponsored the CII Conference on RFID in full support for vehicle tracking and fleet management to gain additional knowledge from the experts and experienced icons of the automobile industry. The conference became a great venue for vehicle tracking business owners to ask advice on the experts of the fields and share ideas and information with other business owners.

Speakers of the event included experienced and successful RFID professionals, technology experts from various companies and a lot more. Participants were guided on how to use RFID on their business processes in key functional areas to leverage the unparalleled benefits and also to experience the latest RFID products designed to address real-time business problems. Panels, on the other hand, discussed about using RFID to track vehicles and assets in real time in order to gain a broad understanding of where your competitors are on the adoption curve and where your industry is headed and ways to improve the business to name a few.

Co-sponsoring such conferences and participating in prestigious events across the globe are going to be a regular feature of Trinetra’s strategy to align its product with the evolving needs of our customers. We intend to obtain useful feedback about our product and insight into challenges the customers are facing in their businesses to help us shapeup our product roadmap. It also helps participants understand about the depth of Trinetra product, and familiarize them to its philosophy and vision to become the one stop solution provider for GPS vehicle tracking service.

Trinetra has taken advantage of this unparalleled conference on RFID as the unique business platform to help ramp up its presence and reach out to the region’s resilient transportation markets.

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