Trinetra enhances its Maps with Traffic information

Trinetra Enhances Traffic Information On Maps

30 Oct 2014

As technology evolves rapidly, Trinetra adapts all upgraded techniques and configurable reporting features to produce peak results. To justify the above recently, Trinetra added an enhancement to its map module feature, providing a solution that is completely functional across all platforms which is viable and useful for all sectors dealing with transportation.

Significant way to reduce pollution from vehicles is to drastically reduce traffic jams. Our new enhancement will be a beneficial factor, not only for users but even for our environment too. This feature will help to get real time data about the intensity of traffic on routes to be taken for travelling, with updated traffic information on the Map. Our traffic information on the maps can easily be visualized with multiple color codes for different traffic intensity as high / medium/ low. This gives a cautious alert to the driver before he proceeds to take a route allowing amending the route plan accordingly. This predominantly helps fleet managers to plan their driver route better without being held in traffic congestion.

Trinetra wireless is renowned by industry leaders as the provider of the best GPS fleet tracking solutions. Trinetra’s GPS tracking platform assist all companies for reliable asset and vehicle tracking solutions with high fleet intelligence, safety and compliance reporting.

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