Trinetra’s powerful Route Management Solution

Trinetra’s Powerful Route Management Solution Delivers An Unprecedented Support To Increase Productivity

17 Oct 2014

Every organization looks into lot of scenarios to increase their productivity, but tracking the vehicles and managing their route map comes at the top of their listing consistently. With rising of fuel cost, fleet owners who deal with huge number of vehicles are generally in need of an optimal solution to manage routes effortlessly. With so many vehicles in your organization planning a route map for every vehicle and managing their navigations in real time is not feasible to streamline manually.

By keeping this market needs in mind, we Trinetra Wireless one of the leading service providers of GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management system has envisioned to provide valuable solutions that caters to all set of industries in real time. Trinetra’s Route Management System is aligned to assign route map to every vehicle which aids drivers to proceed with the assigned route plans without any deviation, which enhances the fleet owner by reducing fuel and time consumption.

Empowering your assets with this GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution has certain other advanced features like geo fencing which make it easier for fleet owners to monitor misuse of vehicles, if it crosses the predefined geo locations/routes. By installing this innovative solution on to your vehicles you can save unnecessary expenditure as well streamline your vehicle routes, get alert on route deviation, map shortest route & thereby manage your fleet’s fuel consumption and driver’s time consumption efficiently.

Click Here to read more about our Route Management system. Want to know more about Trinetra? Contact us and we will discuss the ways we can partner with you to boost your business.

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