Trinetra expands its cold chain solution offerings across the MENA region

Trinetra expands its cold chain solution offerings across the MENA region

30 Jun 2015

GPS vehicle tracking solution will do much more than just tracking fleet vehicles’ and assets locations. GPS solution will keep fleet managers virtually in the loop to know about vehicle maintenance, expenses and more along with various benefits like reducing vehicle operating costs, improve vehicle utilization, employee fraud elimination, Idle time management etc.,

Trinetra wireless with wide array of GPS tracking features, has been the world-wide preferential solution provider for all vehicle tracking needs, delivers accurate updates and allows business/fleet owners to closely monitor what matters most right from their place.

Perishable cargo cold chain transportation is one of the major constraints for every fleet management service provider, as appropriate temperature has to be maintained inside the trucks to preserve the cargos. To seamlessly manage this cold chain monitoring solution within GPS tracking performs well and automatically maintains the vehicle temperature upto the threshold without any manual intervention. Trinetra GPS tracking solutions will be right fit for real-time temperature sensing.

As a geographic expansion and by adding value to our solutions, Trinetra now expands its cold chain solution offerings in the MENA region especially as a cold chain solutions provider. By enabling organizations to track and monitor the real-time position and location of the refrigerated trucks online and improve driver productivity. With the help of Trinetra fleet managers can monitor & track the trip history of vehicles and can access accurate reporting for all fleet.

Are you in a need to monitor your vehicles temperature? Then just take an outlook at our features, and reach us to get your best GPS Vehicle tracking solution.

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