Trinetra enhances route management with estimated time of arrival

Trinetra enhances route management with estimated time of arrival

17 Jun 2015

In today’s cut-throat business market, on time service and delivery is what every customer need for and also business owners dealing with fleet vehicles strive to provide timely service to their customers.GPS vehicle tracking solutions plays an active role in fleet management and on time delivery.GPS tracking system with gamut features offers a wide range of benefits for business owners as well as customers.

Route planning and optimization feature in GPS tracking enables to analyze the most efficient use of resources while selecting the shorter route to take for travel. This feature works with available data under pre-defined parameters and shift times for defining routing, deliveries and scheduled stops. Ultimate aim of this feature is to provide an outline of delivery/pick-up stops or sequences with geographic location of the vehicle path.

Trinetra Wireless, one of the leading frontiers in the GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solution, added a new feature to its existing Route management module. Earlier, route scheduling was done using a string of landmarks. Now, in addition to that drivers can know the distance and duration taken between the landmarks of the route. This feature helps to make alterations in routes while creating them, based on the total distance and the time taken to reach destination.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA) is a calculation made, when vehicle in travel reaches a certain place, key stake holders can monitor the vehicle routes and plan their transportation, based on the current vehicle location exact time of arrival can be estimated, so that every transaction can be done on-time without delays. With ETA effective fleet utilization and business plan will be achieved.

Get started with planning your service or delivery routes With Trinetra wireless and gain benefits from our features, interested to know more leave us an enquiry.

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