Trinetra Fleet Management operates with future technology upfront.

31 Jan 2019

Trinetra Wireless offers through its GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), an efficient, helpful web–based solution to fleet operators to comfortably maximize fleet performance and security. Trinetra’s solution help operators to manage vehicles globally with market leading technologies and also adapt a plethora of future technologies, such as the latest platform versions being developed. Early adaptation to technologies, such as, telematics and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) can provide the competitive edge to fleet companies to succeed in the market.

Trinetra’s solution uses telematics to great advantage. Vehicle monitoring has a lot of benefits and more organisations are adapting this system which has many cost and safety advantages. Organisations will sooner or later use this technology to make their day-to-day operations more productive and safer to all involved. Various platforms will be used by different companies to manage vehicles, connectivity, data and augmented with cloud-based services.

Trinetra’s solution will be able to integrate with the existing systems of an organization. The vehicle management platform thus provides secure access to data from anywhere with the software module playing the role of an interface between services, personnel and vehicle. The system can organize and analyse the data which can be put to good use by fleet managers.

With our Trintra OEM system you get an award-winning global platform, built to address the changing needs of global manufacturers of vehicles and we are ready to partner to build smarter vehicles in a fast developing world.

Mobile technology is being increasingly used as a tool for many industries and business sectors. More and more companies are adopting mobile tech, like GPS and apps, to run operations and increase productivity. Unsurprisingly, it is also increasing converging with the fleet management sector. Trineta’ fleet management system is ready to integrate such applications into the system, like providing data on health checks, vehicle performance, mileage, remote measurement and analysis, subsequently leading to predictive diagnostics.

Our wireless Fleet Management Solution of today is future ready. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

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