Trinetra Fleet Management contributes to reduce the fuel waste & its Impact to the society

31 Jan 2019

Trinetra Wireless offers GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System (FMS), a helpful solution to fleet operators, for minimizing the risks associated with vehicle investment and overall transportation costs. The same software solution in a broader sense helps operator contribute to the good of our society.

The system has many features that help in reducing fuel consumption, idling time and related pollution, plus managing driver behaviour, assisting efficient Route Management and Passenger Safety aspects that all have a hidden role. The Trinetra FMS solution monitor fleets operating efficiency & gives the visibility you need to get more done.

  • As idling consumes more than 4 liters/hour in heavy vehicles & so drivers should see to operational cost effectiveness & see to avoid vehicle loitering.
  • Driving more than necessary wastes fuel, too. unwanted fuel consumption generates CO2 emission unnecessarily.
  • Further, Driver Behaviour Management monitors hard and sudden acceleration, harsh breaking and over speeding all of which not only escalate safety risks but also contributes to higher fuel consumption.
  • Fuel being derived from petroleum, obtained from a non-replenish able resource like crude oil, should be conserved and not wasted for the good of society.
  • Optimized route management helps to reduce the time and distances of travel which correspondingly reduces fuel consumption and costs.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour via the GPS Vehicle Tracking system helps to improve the safety of vehicle and passengers, which is beneficial to society too.
  • This also relates to monitoring road and traffic rules violations that affects road and public safety

Our wireless Fleet Management Solution of today is future ready, sends you alerts whenever drivers are speeding or idling too long. It enables drivers to pull up the fastest direction and do the job fast. For more details visit our website. You can also contact us or just leave us an enquiry.

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