Trinetra includes ‘Accident Management System’ to its suite of FMS

Trinetra Includes ‘Accident Management System’ To Its Suite Of Fleet Management Solutions

27 Dec 2014

Now-a-days GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management systems are being utilized by businesses, organizations and government sectors throughout the world, to maximize the efficiencies and ensure safety of mobile workforce.

Trinetra renowned GPS Tracking and fleet management service provider offers a gamut of solutions like real-time vehicle location tracking, driver behavior monitoring, trip history details and many other features. Our GPS vehicle tracking system was considered as one of the most advanced, and easy to use Fleet Management applications in the telematics industry. We always strive to stand ahead from others by continually deploying new methodologies in our fleet management solutions.

  • Security in travelling will be the primary concern for everyone
  • In average 21 percent of fleet vehicles are involved in accidents each year, fleet managers are strong-willed to maintain driver safety as high priority

To bring up a solution for all these, we recently included “Accident management system” to our suite of fleet management solutions. This has been developed in such a way to manage or prevent some unexpected scenarios before they happen, our accident management system will help to be away from hazardous situations and steers toward a successful resolution. Our solution provides real-time alerts to drivers when they exceed their predetermined speed, acceleration or hard-braking limits etc.,

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