Trinetra introduces activity based camera management

Trinetra introduces activity based camera management

27 Apr 2015

Trinetra an industry leader in GPS and Fleet Management solutions are committed to assist companies by reducing operating costs and monitoring mobile assets more efficiently. With our years of experience we deploy a variety of latest features to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Our extensive investments in research and development have made us to provide most scalable and reliable platforms in the industry. Our GPS tracking solutions fits to any size fleet and are built to work seamlessly by integrating with latest technologies. To innovate our solutions and achieve rapid return on investment as compared to other solutions in the marketplace, we recently introduced activity based camera management feature to our innovations.

Camera management feature provided will capture snapshot of all activities and based on demand will report on the necessary data along with images taken at the vehicle’s tail gate. Further, this feature will help to identify unauthorized vehicle usage which in turn will boost the company’s asset safety. Activity based camera management is like capturing the image based on activity. Ex: door open, ignition ON/ OFF etc., Captured image will be sent to the server in real time where authorized user can monitor what’s happening inside the vehicle.

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