Trinetra adds value to its global audience with new look and feel

Trinetra adds value to its global audience with new look and feel

13 May 2015

Trinetra Wireless, an industry leader in fleet management technology, delivered its new enhanced and updated GPS tracking solutions with great look & feel to provide easy user experience, that helps users and businesses to gain fleet efficiencies, improve performance, keeps vehicle / fleet owners and drivers significantly more productive.

Trinetra’s enhanced solutions goes far beyond traditional GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, by delivering an array of premium features With the new look and feel Trinetra enhanced the data grid, reports and dashboard charts which provides faster results, All our existing features has been updated with latest versions of GPS market, these new features helps to fetch the data faster and inbuilt enhancement features are higher when compared to the previous version. This upgradation seamlessly increase performance and deploy higher search options for excellent fleet management.

If you’re interested to know more about Trinetra’s updated Solutions Suite, please visit our Specialized Solutions page and see how Trinetra could add momentum by leveraging your business with substantial cost savings.

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