Trinetra mobile app with graphical charts and extended trip summary filters

Trinetra Mobile App With Graphical Charts And Extended Trip Summary Filters

16 Mar 2016

Trinetra Wireless leading GPS vehicle tracking service provider offers real-time fleet management and maintenance solution that enable fleet owners to track and monitor vehicles and assets from a mobile device. Our simple-to-use user-friendly vehicle tracking app give users the latest technology innovation that ensuresthe vehicle and assets are not out of visibility.

Our app provides users with different types of powerful analysis and easy to understand reports to examine the performance of fleet and assists to take all the necessary actions forincreasing productivity, customer satisfactionand reducingoperating expenses.

As an enhancement we have customized Trip Summary Screen in the fleet management app with graphical representations for Running, Idling, Speed and Distance Parameters using Line Chart. In addition to the visual enhancement, the time period limit to generate trip summary data has been extended to a maximum of 7 days.

Be in the know on the go about fleet activities with Trinetra VehicleTracking apps,gives you an easy view on driver behavior, trails and history of fleet activities. Know your vehicle details to the palm of your hand… That’s exactly what we have done for you! Trinetra’ s smartphone apps give access to detail and instant information about fleet in real-time at your fingertips wherever you are and whenever you need it. Get to know more about Trinetra Wireless and its mobile app features, Leave us an enquiry

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