Lease Management with Trinetra

Lease Management With Trinetra

28 Mar 2016

Trinetra industry leading end-to-end fleet management and maintenanceservice provider offers unmatchable GPS vehicle tracking solution that are steadfast to increase ROI, mitigate risk andenhance operational efficiency of business.

In every stage we ensure continuous research and improvements on various aspects like firmware, back-end and front-end of the solutions, etc., we have developed a diverse, robust and easy to use intuitive vehicle tracking features that helps in hassle free business operations.

As a new improvement in complete vehicle tracking solution we introduced Lease Management feature focusing on vendor and customer relationship during vehicle renting/leasing associated with the automated features.

Vehicle lease management feature in Trinetra was developed to automate the leasing process, which is a Contract whereby one party agrees to give a vehicle on lease to Other Party for the specified period on specific terms and conditions for the use of that vehicle. Trinetra’s VLM helps the user to view a set of vendor’s/customers that the vehicles are leased and their performance during their period of leasing. This module sends automatic notification on vehicle leasing and allows the customer to schedule notification by accommodating their business rules.

Explore more about your business operations with Trinetra solutions, to choose your right required solution from our diverse features Click here, to know more or leave us an enquiry, our experts will help you to determine which one is best for you.

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