Use Trinetra’s alerts to positively influence your driver’s behaviour


25 Oct 2018

For business managers and fleet owners, the factor of safety is an important issue of the organisation, in our fast paced world. Drivers at the wheel can make a difference, with their behaviour, with regard to safety. The driving habits and styles of drivers can affect the safety of both vehicle and passengers significantly.

This is where Trinetra’s GPS fleet tracking solution comes in helpful. With improved telematics and a system providing RAG chart, drivers can be reminded visually that they are being monitored. The Red, Amber and Green lights in the cabin offer instant feedback to drivers on their performance while on duty.

Trinetra’s Vehicle Management feature also includes constant monitoring of vehicle activity, checking on factors that indicate drivers’ behaviour. They include monitoring and alerts for speeding, harsh braking, accelerating or cornering and excessive idling. The system apparently can also help reduce violations.

Trinetra’s real-time alerts for drivers can positively influence their behaviour while on the job. This in turn will have an impact on the company’s customer service, total fleet safety and employee performance.

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