Valued added KPI Module in Trinetra

Valued Added KPI Module In Trinetra

31 May 2016

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the key identifiers in an organization drives to achieve measurable goals, these are typically tied to an organization’s strategy. To help our potential clients and meet out their vehicle tracking requirements on specified features we @ Trinetra recently included KPI module to our vehicle tracking and fleet management system.

On embrace response to the released KPI module, Trinetra now adds more value by adding cost related KPIs with respect to distance and idling

Have you been monitoring just Idling Duration and Distance Travelled for quite a long while? Do you want to identify the cost gained by distance travelled and also the cost incurred by unwanted idling? Here ‘s the right option with Trinetra.,

  • Distance Cost KPI
  • Idling Cos KPI
  • Distance Cost KPI provides details of cost gained by the distance travelled by all vehicles in an Organization for a selected period of time. This KPI allows to specify the cost per km for the vehicles and calculates the total cost based on the distance travelled and the cost per Km. KPI indicates safe critical and warning status based on the specified ranged and the actual cost obtained. Based on the status obtained users can plan effective utilization of their fleets and monitor the cost difference accordingly.
  • Idling Cost KPI provides the details of the additional expenses incurred due to idling of vehicles in an Organization. Idling cost is calculated based on the Idling duration of selected vehicles over a period of time and the idling cost per hour which has to be pre-defined in the KPI settings. According to the expected range of idling cost and the actual Idling cost, Safe warning or Critical status is will displayed. This will be vital for fleet owners to identify the additional expensed incurred due to idling and take necessary steps to reduce the cost.

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