Trinetra’ s participation in TATA Steel’s safety week

Trinetra’ S Participation In TATA Steel’s Safety Week

22 May 2016

TATA Steel’s safety week event was held on April 2016 at Jamshedpur.The main purpose of this celebration was to involve select companies to work towards improving safe work practices and to significantly reduce accidents in work place. TATA Steel’s long term plan and their collective efforts have brought visible change in organization’s safety.

As a part of this good cause event Trinetra-Industry leading eco-friendly Fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions showcased its capabilities at TATA steel, as a part of TATA steel’s safety week on 27th and 28th April 2016 at Jamshedpur. Trinetra vehicle tracking solutions are up to industrial standards and provide real-time insights for enhanced safety.

At this event we had an opportunity to show case our industry leading solutions and demo on Trinetra was given to the attendees to improve their business productivity, overall operational efficiency and made them to prepare for safer business ahead., Trinetra reduces carbon footprint as a go green product and eliminates the effect on environment, these features of Trinetra attracted everyone’s interest in the event.

At Trinetra, we value every opportunity and our exchange ideas & information to foster new business relationship. It was a prestigious opportunity to be recognized by TATA Steel one of the largest conglomerates in India

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