Data is what gives your fleet management system the competitive edge

Sep 28, 2021

Best Fleet Management Software with Customer Database

Fleet Managers will need data to from an effective fleet management software to get the competitive edge for their fleet business.

Fleet operators find that in the life cycle of their vehicles fleet maintenance proves to be critical as it takes great effort and is an expensive concern. As fleet owners are keen in keeping costs low, the fleet management software comes in as a handy tool to control costs and improve productivity. If your business started with 10 vehicles and has grown to 100, or you started with 100 and now has grown to 500, you cannot manage it the same way you started. If so, you’ll have problems with your balance sheet. Maintenance is one of the top 5 biggest expenses for a fleet business.

This is because fleet management software (FMS) provides you data the critical factor that give you the right picture about your fleet and provide you the actionable insights you need to cut down operating costs and other expenses. You will be guided by data-driven decision making to keep your business healthy and for expansion with the right FMS.

Maximize Safety & Productivity.

Ignoring your fleet’s small issues would affect your fleets performance and leads to breakdowns. For example, frequent brake pad replacement can indicate bad driving behaviour which is also safety issue. The prevent major mechanical failures, monitor the mileage, vehicle repairs and overall vehicle health. Accidental crashes and breakdowns can lead to loss in productivity and affect liability.

Optimize Vehicle Life Cycle.

Conventionally fleet owners aim to replace the vehicle before maintenance expenses exceed the value of the vehicle. But this is not the case always as some vehicles can last longer thaan others. This can be that can be known with the data you have on the vehicle. Extended life of your vehicle can save you money that you need to invest.

Data for a Competitive Edge.

With the FMS in place you are in possession of data and information to keep you competitive in your market full of competitors. The life cycle data will help you update your fleet at the appropriate time. such factors and costs saved will save you investment that can be redirected elsewhere.

Right-size your Fleet.

The FMS is able to provide the data/info to work out the mix needed in a diverse range of vehicles that will be matched to the type of industries or customers being served or targeted. Along with comparison to industry benchmarks and your requirements, optimise your resources and right-size your fleet appropriately the get the best results.

Data Repository that is In-house.

The versatile and reliable FMS software will provide you data stored in a single central digital repository. Gain actionable insights from the data and customised reports and use tools to interpret the data to improve safety and productivity of your drivers and fleets.

Concluding Note

The quality and quantity of data whipped out by the FMS software is abundant and readily available. It is used to efficiently manage critical factors of fleet management. Monitor driver behavior, vehicle safety, fuel costs and maintenance, plus many other things affecting fleet efficiency and ROI. The FMS software offers data insights to handle asset utilization, preventive maintenance, safety, compliance, route planning and  fleet optimisation. Advanced technologies, like Cloud Computing, AI, ML and IoT are now getting involved in fleet management.

Trinetra Wireless offers a customizable software which can be integrated with other systems present in your company to manage your fleets. Using  telematics technology and Data Analytics,  it can generate, process and analyze the data to turn it into further relevant, valuable and insightful information to all concerned. Pick the right FMS software which is scalable to effectively address inefficiencies and identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly, to enable you to take strategic decisions and corrective action.

We can arrange a ‘Demo for the interested person or manager to assess our FMS software conveniently. Just contact our BD team to kick-off a useful partnership.

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