Why choose a predictive maintenance system using vehicle data?

Sep 21, 2019

For any fleet operator or owner, vehicle breakdown is the most annoying and expensive issue they face more often than not on their daily routine of operations. This problem of vehicle failure can be avoided by adopting a vehicle specific predictive maintenance system. Integrated with a fleet management system it can ensure operations run efficiently, with minimum downtime, that improves productively and cost-efficiency.

Let us see how choosing a predictive maintenance solution for your fleet can improve profitability and ROI. The objective of predictive maintenance is to forecast and prevent vehicle failure during the life span of the vehicle asset. Unlike the reactive, planned or preventive maintenance, it is a little more complex to set up and run.

A predictive maintenance system captures data from individual assets (vehicles) using sensors to predict failure. By this method repairs can be done when needed and avoided when not needed. A dedicated software for predictive maintenance is what will save the day. Trinetra’s fleet management system has a fleet maintenance module that fits the bill. The software offers a predictive maintenance solution based on vehicle data captured through telematics, i.e. GPS system. For instance, the maintenance system can remotely monitor parameters on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Thus fleet managers are well-informed and can supervise the maintenance schedule for the respective assets. The diagnostics process can also trigger notifications and alerts whenever the set parameters are deviated. The data gathered by the sensors can help in compilation various reports that would also be useful to preventive maintenance.

The Fleet Management software generates and manages a cache of data over periods of time. However, this system has unique advantages as like below:

  • Tailoring the module, or solution, to fit your existing system and make use of the data via the Fleet Management System.
  • The sensors and hardware installed on assets are non-intrusive and data generated is reliable and direct form the source.
  • The data can be processed as per standards of the company, following or meeting regulation, supported with insightful reports.
  • Vehicle parameters can be customised as per requirements, according to the features of the asset to reduce servicing costs.
  • The system extends support to all vehicle, be it even a heterogeneous fleet.

The Trinetra FMS software is capable of analysing the vehicle data being generated, obtained directly through the GPS enabled vehicle tracking system. Moreover, the data can be stored and retrieved for reports and review at later dates. The software and related hardware by Trinetra FMS is capable of supporting more parameters, like deriver management or safety checks. The system is scalable and can be adapted to future technologies such as cloud, big data and IoT.

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