Ways to improvise fleet maintenance to improve vehicle performance

19 Jul 2019

The cost of operating a fleet is a major factor that goes to determining profitability of your fleet operation. Obviously fleet maintenance is one of the largest costs experienced by fleet operators and a challenge that needs constant attention and improvisation by managers. Proper maintenance improves the functioning of vehicles and running them on-road as long as possible, without downtime, logically leads to better earnings.

Cost effective and reliable maintenance service with a fleet management software providing instant updates in real time, goes a long way in improving a business and its profitability. This is where Trinetra fleet management system (FMS) comes in, as the best software solution provider to improve your fleet’s efficient functioning and performance. The GPS tracking system, inbuilt in the FMS solution, offers many advantages to its users, besides real-time updates and live monitoring.

Track all data regarding fleet maintenance. All data gathered, including those via the GPS devices, regarding your vehicles should be logged and measured to be used for fleet maintenance effectively. Other metrics regarding fuel consumption, driver assignment and other information can also help the system. Data gathered for all vehicle repairs, preventive maintenance and service schedules will be used effectively by the FMS software. Each vehicle can be identified individually for easy troubleshooting.

Set performance standards for vehicle maintenance. This feature will help improvisation of fleet maintenance for performance for the better implementation of quality control checks via inspection and for maintenance work to meet standards. Set maintenance service schedules and follow up for costs and charges to avoid excess amounts. Track maintenance turnaround time to find discrepancies. Set quality checks and standard for procuring spare parts.

Monitor vehicle inspection. If you track the results of maintenance inspections, it will help technicians to conduct post-trip and pre-trip inspections objectively and at the correct time and quickly. Supervisors can easily help detect flaws, like any oil leaks, or improper installation, or faulty parts.

Set servicing schedules. One of the best improvisations for bettering the fleet maintenance process, is to set standards and checklists for service schedules, with the help of the FMS software. It will allow to set and trigger reminders, based on metrics and time periods. Fleet managers can save time and get better insight into the vehicle condition.

Develop and monitor a checklist. With the help of a software like Trinetra Fleet Management you can develop a checklist for both drivers and technicians to save time and costs in preventive maintenance. At the same time, you can monitor its adherence with the software in real time.

Outsource maintenance process in part or whole. With the help of the fleet management software you can outsource in parts or in whole, the maintenance process, to save you time and costs. Less critical maintenance processes can be outsourced to save the time of inspections and of fleet managers. It will help operators in accessing competitive pricing and discounts. Operators take advantage of new technologies without investing.

Trinetra’s fleet management solution has GPS installation certification, especially suitable for school and education sector. To learn more about Trinetra’s FMS software and integrated mobile app, plus all the advantages, please visit our website. You may contact us and ask for a demo too. Otherwise just leave us an enquiry and we’ll contact you as early as possible.

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