Digital transformation is improving capability of enterprise fleet management software

Aug 18, 2021

Digital Transformation In Enterprise Fleet Management

Web-based digital fleet management software with GPS, mobile app and dash-cam integration, have transformed enterprise fleet management to next level.

As all business stakeholders accept the importance of technological advancement in their domains, the digital transformation is happening at a faster pace influencing almost all segment of business industry and services. This transformation offers companies and organisations agility, revenue maximisation, operational efficiency and speed.

This is also true for fleet management which has benefited from digital technology and advanced communication networks. Although the pandemic created disruption, when things limped back to the new normal that we are suffering today, remote fleet management system (FMS) has seen a rise in interest. Customers are now expecting to be served from anywhere, at any time via any device. Therefore, Fleet Management Software is enabling stakeholders to accomplish a series of tasks in the management of many or all aspects of operating fleets of vehicles. It addresses the pain points and challenges faced by the managers in areas of fuel management, maintenance & upkeep, safety and compliance. Software for fleet management is a crucial solution for the global logistics industry which is bringing betterment in its functioning and scalability.

FMS enhanced with Remote Vehicle Fleet Tracking and Telematics

Telematics, in simple terms, uses telecommunication and informatics technologies to monitor movement and other parameters with support of GPS. This digitalisation of fleet operations management has culminated in the software that can track fleet movement, vehicle location in real-time, to analyse data and take further action as required.

As technology advances, Cloud Computing, AI, ML and IoT are getting involved too. The quality and quantity of data generated through the FMS software is increasing and helps to more efficiently manage critical areas like driver behaviour, vehicle safety, fuel costs and maintenance, plus many other factors affecting efficiency and ROI. The software uses data insights to handle asset utilisation info, vehicle optimisation, preventive maintenance, driver safety, compliance and route planning.

Benefits of the Digitisation

  • Easy automation of processes can be done with digitalisation of the system. it streamlines your processes and improves communication. It gives a real-time view of the system.
  • It improves vehicle safety as it can gather critical data via on-board diagnostics and sensor on the vehicle which are processed by the software to output reports, notifications and alerts automatically. It reduces the risks of potential breakdowns and accidents.
  • It improves driver safety and efficiency as driver behaviour can be monitored by data generated by the sensors and dash-cam inputs. Corrective actions can be taken at the appropriate time. Re-training of the staff can be initiated to improve driver behaviour and compliance.
  • Better utilisation of assets is possible using the software. Optimised route planning leads to maximum utilisation of resources, saving energy, time and costs. the Geofencing feature is an added advantage for fleet managers here.
  • Better customer experience is an outcome of the efficiency and monitoring achieved by the FMS software. Analytical and insightful reports help managers to correct and improve the system and process.
  • Seamless integration is offered by the software which helps with smoot flow of information to managers and helps also address third party application integration.

Convenience of a Web-based Application

FMS software are often web-based applications that are accessed using wireless or cable connectivity from anywhere in the world. Data is secured on a cloud-server accessed by employees with credentials, from different locations and simultaneously. Fleet managers and staff can collaborate, exchange or share data to gain insightful information. Its scalability can support your growth and can be customised as per requirements of the customers. It is also usually mobile app supported.

Concluding Note

The FMS software by Trinetra Wireless also can be integrated with other systems you are using in your fleet management. Using  telematics technology and Data Analytics,  the software can process and analyse the incoming data to change it into more relevant, valuable and insightful information to stakeholders and management. This the right FMS software which is scalable and effectively addresses operational inefficiencies. It can help identify non-compliance and other discrepancies quickly to ensure strategic decision-making.

If you are interested, we can arrange a ‘Demo. Any interested person or managers can assess our FMS software conveniently. Kindly contact our BD team as soon as possible to kick-off a useful partnership.

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