IoT-Based Fleet Management and Telematics

July 14, 2021

IoT-Based Fleet Management and Telematics

Digital fleet management software gives Fleet Mangers better control over vehicles and drivers with GPS support, mobile app integration, dash-cam inputs and data in real-time and IoT applications over a live network.

As fibre-optic and wireless networks are being deployed all over the world, connectivityhas become easily accessible.So, software and mobile applications are being put into use increasingly and easily accepted in many fields, across countries. Fleet managementis no exception and here IoT has come to play a big role today. In fact,IoT solutions have a range of benefits to deliver to its patrons. For fleets, this technology works as an interesting tool to optimise fleet operations and performance.

Internet of Things to be A Game Changer

The benefit of IOT (Internet of things) is that itconnects all those devices or objects or ‘things’ electronically embedded with the capacity of exchanging data, over the internet. Over the years IoT has seen rapid growth all over the world with a proliferation of connected devices and equipment especially over wireless networks.The fleet operators and transporters too have got their share with this digital transformation rolling out over all industries and businesses.

What does IoT with FMS software do for fleets?

  • It can streamline operations and last mile delivery
  • Helps to trigger automated messages and alerts
  • It can track vehicle, parameters, driver behaviour and generate bespoke Reports
  • It can save on maintenance costs and downtime
  • Helps maximise fuel efficiency and vehicle performance
  • Applications are made right for the Real-World

A Bright Future for FMS

Fleet Management Software (FMS) are now getting armed with powerful digital tools like ML, AI, data analytics software and IoT. FMS is nowadays becoming more compatible with IoT applications, like the one offered by Trinetra Wireless,who is a solution provider with expertise and experience. Real-time location based FMS solutions like these are empowered with GPS tech, and can provide great visibility for fleet managers across geographies, via cellular networks, with wireless sensors, Dash-camwith a useful dashboard in the control centre to track asset, fleet trips, and inventory.

Remote monitoring and easily enabled on computers tabs, phones or portable devices all end users enjoy a seamless experience.The remote tracking tool was useful during the pandemic and the new normal, thereafter to improve efficiency and productivity.

Fleet Management Systems that are IoT enabled have truly great possibility of deployment in the days ahead. IoT and related technologies have evolved quickly over the past. Moving ahead will be near impossible if you ignore IoT technology, as the possibilities of application multiplyeverywhere. There’s a paradigm shift towards smart technologies especially in legacy systems, trades and markets. Once 5G get rolled out, the possibilities seem endless, and fleet and transport management is no exception.

To Conclude

The FMS software, that Trinetra Wireless offers, can be integrated with many othersystems you use in your fleet business. By means of telematics technology and Data Analytics, our FMS softwarecananalyse a big cache ofdatato make it more relevant, valuable andinsightful toempower fleet managers. Decide on the right FMS software that is scalable to effectively handle operational inefficiencies, identify non-compliance and other discrepancies easily. Address issues effectively and quickly by strategic decision-making and gain higher levels of efficiency with the FMS software.

Our team can arrange for a ‘Demo to any interested person or manager toappraise our FMS software. So, contact our executive teamas soon as possible.

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