How Fleet Managers facing the Lockdown in COVID-19 crisis can plan

Apr 21, 2020

Fleet Managers are facing the brunt of the widespread Lockdown. The unprecedented crisis of COVID-19 has brought traffic to a standstill and fleet operations to literally a halt. Fleet managers / owners have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis that has forced a lockdown of towns and cities across states. Transportation of goods people and non-essential items have come to a grinding halt. Fleet vehicles have been parked or stopped while in transit.

The Lockdown is a matter time, as it will be relaxed in a phased manner and over demarcated geographical areas. However, it is also time to plan for life after COVID-19 outbreak. So, fleet managers too have to start preparing for a different scenario, with changed priorities. Business will be different, have geographical areas, as priority locations, since ‘hotspots’ will be quarantined off and other areas will be marked off according to severity of the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Projecting the type of business or payloads that will earn priority, will help in planning your fleets’ activities. The type of vehicle is also related to such priorities. Medical supplies and essential commodities will require the relevant type of vehicles, including refrigerated trucks. So make a forecast with available and disseminating information. Make use of your software and existing data to analyse and chart your future plan of action. Ensure improving efficiency, make costs lower, because critical to commercial success is your fleets’ efficiency. Telematics can make improvements actually to reduce costs.

Panning Routes & Journeys. A telematics driven fleet management solution enables fleet managers to plan journeys quicker to reach destinations faster and economically. With new geographic priorities the plans for journeys will not be as usual and the FMS software should take care of it all.  Telematics can deliver smarter route planning for your drivers and managers. It provides historic data, in real-time, on the journey planned. The updated data helps find the best time of the day to take the shortest route for each vehicle and consignment.

Driver Training & Assignment. The real-time feedback given by FMS can improve driver skill, for more efficient driver behaviour. Driver training helps in following hygiene and other norms to obey in light of the virus infection and pandemic spread. It also helps reducing fuel costs & vehicle maintenance. Improved visibility helps the right person to be allotted the right job quickly.

Lower Cost & Time. Administrative tasks can be reduced to a minimum and many automated. Mileage and trip data, via the fleet management system, improves or optimises the complex dispatching process to lower costs and time.

Sanitisation & Regulatory Norms. In the present crisis, authorities have brought out new regulations for sanitisation and hygiene, with regard to handling of items and the vehicles with health officials involved. Your FMS system has to incorporate these changes and adaptations to fulfil the regulatory requirements.

Trinetra’s FMS software is works on a telematics driven eco-system on a web-based platform. The Fleet management software, with mobile app integration and GPS technology, offers innumerable benefits to sustain any transport or fleet operations in any kind of scenario. Learn more about Trinetra products and about the customisation benefits. Kindly visit our website – You can also submit an enquiry form and also request for a demo, for which we’ll respond promptly.

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