How to grow your fleet business and not the costs

Mar 17, 2020

Fleet management solutions

Growing businesses undoubtedly run their commercial operations efficiently and successfully, but there are a number of costs involved in their growth. In a fleet business too, you should have the ability to make sure you can make improvements on the efficiency of your operations.

When your fleet business expands, ensure improving efficiency makes costs cheaper and that costs don’t grow along, because critical to commercial success is your fleets’ efficiency. The abilities of telematics can make improvements actually equal to reduced costs. Find here how to evolve and grow your fleet business efficiently with a fleet management system, without suffering escalating costs.

Make Quicker Journeys. An efficient workforce equals to more time on the road and more man-hours. However, a telematics driven fleet management solution enables fleet managers to plan journeys quicker to reach the destination points faster. Constant communication between the back-office team and drivers in vehicles, make journeys more effective and direct and thus more economical.

Planning Routes. A telematics solution can deliver smarter route planning for your drivers and admin staff. Fleet vehicles can be managed to reach customers and end points faster by assigning whoever is closest to the end points remotely. A telematics solution provides historic data, in real-time, on the journey and all logistics involved. The data helps you obtain even the best time of the day to take the (shortest) route planned for each vehicle.

Driver Empowerment. Telematics can provide the data to drivers to optimise their performance. They get data on fuel consumption, on harsh steering, braking or acceleration instantly. It helps improve driver awareness on their driving behaviour that affect costs negatively. It can help drive down CO2 emissions, maintenance sots and insurance premiums.

Driver Training. The real-time feedback via the FMS system can help improve driver skill-set, leading to more efficient driver behaviour. Driver training helps increases value by reducing fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear. The improved visibility offered by telematics solution helps the right person with the right skill set, (at the right location) to be allotted the right job quickly.

Lower Admin Cost & Time. Unnecessary administrative tasks incur unwarranted costs & time. Mileage and trip data via the fleet management system improves complex dispatching process and quality of phone calls for coordination between stakeholders.

Helps the HR Manager. The better visibility allowed by a telematics (GPS enabled) solution empowers HR Managers to effectively manage safety risks and occupational health through employee and training programs.

Trinetra FMS application runs on the new telematics driven eco-system and is a web-based fleet management software, with mobile app integration supported by GPS technology, that offers innumerable benefits to grow and sustain a client’s transport or fleet operations. Get to know more about Trinetra products and learn about the customisation benefits on offer. So, please visit our website – If interested, fill in and submit the enquiry form online. You can also request for a demo online and we’ll respond to it promptly

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